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  • Colonel Littman’s Black Cross 2021 Main Crop

    CLBC is starting to ripen. I'm very happy with how it has done here in Phoenix. It's not even 2 years old yet and has only been in the ground for about a year and a half. The tree is now almost 7 feet tall! It has adapted well to our brutal desert climate. When I look at it, its hard to believe it came from the grower Fruitnut this time about two years ago and was little more than a twig with a few leaves!

    The tree is loaded with main crop figs of all sizes. And its still making babies. It dropped all its breba. So far, the figs are small, but tasty. Like strawberry preserves. As the tree matures, I'm expecting the figs to get larger and even better. I think this is a tree that needs some time to get in sync with its climate zone. Like a V12 engine, once it starts hitting on all cylinders its performance will be outstanding!
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    Phoenix, Arizona 9B

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    Looks amazing.
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    Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

    Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


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      Those are nuts! Crazy what different climates do to figs!
      Round Rock, TX 8b
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        Wow. That’s absolutely stunning. Nice!


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          Looks great hope to be in the clbc club soon!
          Zone 7a Westchester County, NY
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          • American Infigdel
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            Shhh.....The first rule of CLBC Club is: you do not talk about CLBC Club!

          • don_sanders
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            That’s because you can’t hardly say CLBC club.

          • RandyK
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            I think that’s pronounced Club-See-Club...run together and said quickly. 😁

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          Gorgeous looking figs. In Phoenix as well my CLBC is potted year one and going in ground in October. I’ve been thrilled with the vigor it’s almost 4 feet tall and has grown 3 feet since April. I’m pumped


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            Wow that is just gorgeous!
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            Love the color, inside and out! Looks great!
            Northeastern TN. Zone 6b/7a. WL: Hative D'Argenteuil, Zaffiro, Irene’s Black Greek


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              Wow, what abeautiful fig!
              South Jersey, zone 7a- 20 mins from Philly, 30 mins from AC


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                Wow, that’s really nice! Do you continue to get figs in Phoenix for the rest of the year? It must be a long season for you.
                FigLife: www.figlife.com
                Sacramento, CA - zone 9b


                • American Infigdel
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                  I-258, SB, EX, & CLBC are all ripening now. My TH is too young for anything. MIB & BM are starting to ripen. I need a fig tree that takes longer to ripen!

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                That looks delicious!
                It has taken a long wait until my tree reached third leaf to get a handful of figs.
                I should taste it later this year.
                I think CLBC is similar to Smith and loves heat.
                Thanks for the post.
                Zone 8B - Cottage Grove, Or
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                  I'm excited to hear it does so well in the dry heat. I would love to see a picture of the tree! I gave my CLBC a primo spot for it to stretch out.
                  9a. WL: Black Manzanita.


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                    FigHopeful - Here is a pic as it came from the Texas grower Fruitnut exactly 2 years ago this month. And here is a pic taken a month or two ago. Yes - it needs room to stretch out!

                    You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 2 photos.
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                    Phoenix, Arizona 9B


                    • FigHopeful
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                      Gorgeous tree. Thanks for sharing!

                    • dechen1213
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                      Looks amazing.. such a charm.

                    • ieatfigs
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                      Nice mountain view from your backyard.

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                    Beautiful tree and very delicious fruits
                    Chicago Zone 5b


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                      WOW, gorgeous looking fruit! Tell us about your watering ritual in Phoenix . I gave a friend over there at least 4 trees and he killed all of them.


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                        @cvarcher - I posted this in another CLBC thread so I'll just copy & paste it here. I would caution people about the amount of water I give CLBC. The watering regime here in hot Phoenix (115 degrees) is much different than the rest of the country. With any fig, watering has to be carefully matched to your climate and soil.


                        I thought this detailed information may be of help for people growing CLBC. It seems many people have trouble fruiting it. This is how I have treated mine, but cannot point to any one thing that may have encouraged it to form baby figs in the 21 months I have had it.

                        Provenance: Fruitnut who got it from Strudeldog.

                        Age: Bought 7-27-19 on FigBid.

                        Up-potting: After acclimating two weeks indoors, CLBC was up-potted to a 5 gallon pro-can wrapped in aluminum foil, then placed outside. Pot was also drilled with about a dozen 1/2 holes for additional drainage and aeration. Soil mix was 50% Pro-Mix HP, 25% area soil & 25% miracle-gro organic top soil. This is a very water retentive mix that will rot your roots if used outside of hot desert areas. Do not use it unless your temperatures exceed 115 Fahrenheit in the summer!

                        Planting: Planted in-ground 3-4-20. Backfill amended to 62.5% area soil and rest was equal parts chunk perlite, Pro-Mix HP and miracle-gro organic top soil.

                        Mycorrhiza: At time of planting, rootball, backfill and surrounding area was saturated with Myco Apply soluble MAXX mycorrhizal inoculant.

                        Area soil: A horrible blend of caliche and construction subsoil. Alkaline. Very little organic matter. Most plants will not grow in it.

                        Micro Climate: In a side yard, that gets 6-8 hours of full midday Arizona sun that will even melt cactus. 115 degree heat is common in the summer.

                        Water: A dedicated fig irrigation valve and drip line delivers 10 gallons a day. Programmed to deliver 2.5 gallons every 4 hours from 7am to 7pm using drip depot adjustable drippers (Tempo brand). CLBC also gets 6 supplemental gallons a week when Aquarium water is changed. In other words, all old fish tank water is dumped on CLBC.
                        This may seem to be a lot of water, but we are already nearing 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Phoenix.

                        Fertilizer: Full dose of MaxSea Seaweed fertilizer 16-16-16 every 2 weeks while growing. Full dose MaxSea Seaweed fertilizer 3-20-20 once a month in summer when growing has stopped due to excessive temperatures.

                        Pruning: Tree is almost 6 feet tall and has never been pruned or pinched.

                        Luck: Beginners!

                        I hope this helps!

                        Phoenix, Arizona 9B


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                          Awesome, I'm getting one tomorrow and I can't wait. Thanks for the update!