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  • Vadarano

    This is a Vadarano from Wills. Mother tree is 3 feet tall ( 1 year old). I know flavor changes when it fully grow up but for now, very sweet, thin skin, berry flavor. This fig is not a buttery fig. It has more like a fruity and refreshing flavor. I couldn’t find any information about this fig. Is there anyone growing this fig?
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    I may be wrong, but I think it is a lorusso..or one he sold at least...one of the few common ones, apparently. Ha ha ! I just checked my notes from 2018 and I see it on the lorusso list...and funny thing, I made note that you purchased a cutting. I guess it didn't root for you at that time. Remember I was trying to organize a lorusso trading circle?? too bad that didn't materialize. I tried to organize people but it didn't go anywhere. I did make a few new friends, however. Wills offers a fair amount of lorusso stuff. at least the varieties he offers usually seem to be common. Perhaps he weeds out the smyrnas. I still have a dozen or so lorussos. pretty much all of them have just dropped figs except bella di maria. Those are quite tasty! If I'm lucky to establish wasps next year, maybe I'll get some fruit from the likely smyrnas. I'm hanging onto them...sometimes it takes 3 or 4 years to get stubborn varieties to hold fruit.

    here is what my notes say:
    Vadarano: ancient variety of Puglia. ripens figs in July. very prod. long neck 70 - 90 gr flavor of black berries. The cuttings sold for $20 ea.

    that all sounds like your fig to me. congratulations...it's a nice variety. Maybe I'll get cuttings from you. that is one I don't have....but now I'm interested!!

    Pm me for the list of trees available for sale.
    Phoenix, AZ zone 9B


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      I remember I bought a lot of Lorusso fig from Olga and removed most of them. As you know we don’t have fig wasps in my area. I think Lorusso sold right varieties(common) to the Wills.

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    Wow, another common Larusso variety? I’ll have to look out for this one.
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      Just updating on this variety and sharing how this fig is doing in my climate, looks like few folks are growing this variety.

      Breba pics taken 7/10/23, mild melon like taste, nothing to get excited about, main crop figs are superior
      Click image for larger version

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      Modesto CA. Growing Zone 9b


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        Impressive Vadarano main crop figs (sourced from: Southernfigs)

        Click image for larger version

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        Modesto CA. Growing Zone 9b


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          Thank you, it truly is a keeper for me, the first two years nothing exciting was happening with this fig until its third year when its figs were getting better and better. It will be interesting to see it’s main crop now that it’s been planted on the ground since late fall of 2022.