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  • Smith Main 2021

    The ugliest most delicious fig in my collection.

    The nicest thing about it, is no one in my family or visiting us picks these, so I get to enjoy them all by myself 😁

    I dont want hype this and its fairly available, but this is a must have. Delicious and split resistant and unique ( Ugly) fig.

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    Chicago Zone 5b

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    How old?

    Mine is a no go this year, but it is on it's 1st year....good growth...no fruits.
    Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

    Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


    • Ktrain
      Ktrain commented
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      Well nothing wrong with figs every where....lol

      I hope mine does that well next year!

    • cvarcher
      cvarcher commented
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      ha ha --hint hint---- but then I neglected it and figs start setting fruit

    • JMF75
      JMF75 commented
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      Yes mine too. I thought it was just my tree. It has grown thick and strong but no evidence of double bumps.

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    Looks great, Michael!
    I hope my Smith will set the main crop soon.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20210718_115702~2.jpg
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    Tung, Vietnam
    - Growing figs in a tropical climate


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      Maybe ugly but I bet it’s delicious
      Zone 8B, MS
      WL: CDDB, CDDN, JH Adriatic, White Madeira, Scott’s Black, LSU Tiger


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        My 2 Smiths are in year 3 and 4 with no figs yet! YEs,its from a reliable source.


        • claret
          claret commented
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          Bummer! Maybe they feel homesick. Play some Cajun music for them? Zydeco?

        • MJFIGS
          MJFIGS commented
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          My 4 year old Smith ( mother tree), have 0 figs too, I pruned it really hard last year, and all its doing now is just getting taller.

        • Vitooch1
          Vitooch1 commented
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          Play some mariachi music it’s faster pace music and tell it to wake up!!! Lol 😂 but 3 years Geesh!! I guess the patients has to kick in.

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        I think homesick music would be more Montenegro orchestra--ha ha ..


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          Very nice 👍 hope you eat lots. I was fortunate to have one this year and it was amazing.
          Zone 5 Barrie, on


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            I suppose the sugar spots are what make Smith figs unattractive. Mine don’t last on the tree long enough to look like yours and a few of mine were pretty!
            Quite honestly, the most “unfortunate looking@ figs I’ve ever seen are Alma.
            My children call them gross 😂
            Piney Point Village, Zone 8b
            W/L- Allix, Calderona


            • DrDraconian
              DrDraconian commented
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              Smith is actually a beautiful looking fig in a dry climate. It doesn't get the brown "sugar" spots on it at all. A green fig with a purple haze, and wonderful bull's eye pattern of cracking on it when ripe, often with a drop of honey in the eye.

            • Bellefleurs
              Bellefleurs commented
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              Richard, it’s horribly hot and humid here but last year when my Smith fruited it was exactly as you described. Green with a beautiful purple haze. At first I worried that I had the wrong tree because the figs were so pretty.

            • great08
              great08 commented
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              Noted. Thanks!

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            I don't find sugar spots ugly at all since I know what's going on inside 🤣
            Tony; Pickens county, SC zone 7b

            Care for the Earth...there's no place like home


            • great08
              great08 commented
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              I will be the same. Seeing sugar spots will get me excited... not disappointed. Unless, the fig is spoiled or something. lol

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            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20210727_115645016_HDR.jpg
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ID:	1020508 These 2nd year Smith fruits are better than all we got last year.
            Last edited by Otis; 07-27-2021, 01:06 PM. Reason: add photo
            Tony; Pickens county, SC zone 7b

            Care for the Earth...there's no place like home


            • Forbiddenfruit.garden
              Forbiddenfruit.garden commented
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              Nice! Gotta leave them till their dripping

            • Otis
              Otis commented
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              Yes, it's taken me 2 seasons to learn not to pick them till they start to shrivel a bit. I'm also finding that if you have some self control (which come and goes with me 😜), a day or so on the counter does them more good than harm.