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  • The I Knew it, One More Day Tragedy Post.

    Grantham's Royal, about the size of a softball. Got one last week. Large, but not this big. Exceptional breba.

    Click image for larger version

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    Yesterday's consolation prize. I-258

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Name:	20210724_114029.jpg
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    WT****......that is a sad site for sure man, on the other hand, a beauty of an I-258!

    The other is nothing short of a beauty as well BTW....stinkin pests.
    Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

    Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


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      Just do bird netting. After being thickheaded for years, this year I finally mustered up the 30 mins to do the work. It was worth every second. The figs are dripping and ripened to desire. I go to sleep in comfort. This one tree I got over 45 lbs of figs. I just had my best harvest of 12/15 lbs this am. I’ve been avg. 5/6 lbs a day for the past two weeks. Just do the netting top and bottom, it works!
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      Connecticut zone 6b. No wish list. Experiments on different varieties and keeps only the best tasting.


      • Mario
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        I’m in Wallingford 6b, are those trees in ground ? They look great, you most be doing some major winter protection

      • soarbird
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        Good advice!

      • Cguitar
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        Mario they are in ground. Check out his YouTube videos describing how he protects them. They are wrapped in concrete curing blankets & burlap.

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      My condolences. I will be setting up a trap for squirrels and already bought framework to cover my in ground with bird netting. I don't share well. At least fresh figs, that is. Cuttings and trees I don't mind sharing. Fresh figs, not too much.
      NNJ 6B
      Wishlist: Colar d'Albatera, Mary Magdalene's and the Virgin Mary's Fig, Red Lebanese BV


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        Garlic_Mike he saved you the larger half!! I'm sure he was too full to eat it all...it's a big 'un !! looks like your grantham's royals do nicely for you. other people have not gotten tasty fruit. I think that was Rewton. He is about to pull his tree out of the ground.
        Pm me for the list of trees available for sale.
        Phoenix, AZ zone 9B


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          @Mario,its me bud 2 miles away, lol.

          Its in a 5gl. First year to fruit, probably more me than the variety. @7 yr plant was ready for the pile before these.

          Netting is next. The bird came back while I was standing there.

          The one I got. Ate with a friend. Didn't take a picture of the inside.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	20210714_123629.jpg
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            What a beautiful little girl. You can tell by the happiness in her smile, figs will be in your family for a long time.


            • Forbiddenfruit.garden
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              Thanks garlic Mike. She loves her figs. She even has 4 little trees of her own.