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  • What's Your Earliest Ripening Adriatic Variety?

    Hello everyone,

    I could be wrong, but I don't know of an Adriatic type that ripens early. As defined by AscPete: Adriatic Berry - Sugar sweet, ranging from lightly sweet to very sweet with berry flavor, yellow or green skin and usually red pulp, with more complex additional flavors developing when fully ripe. Fig flavor can range from none to light. Seed crunch can range from none to strong with nutty flavor.

    In regards to earliness, I guess you could count tasty brebas.. like from Desert King, Paradiso or Conadria, which are great, but right now I'm interested in a reliable and early Adriatic main crop variety.

    Here's a list of what I'd consider Adriatic (correct me if you see anything out of place), but from what I've researched and grown myself.. none of these would be considered "early." Perhaps there's an unknown out there or something I'm missing??

    Thanks for the help.

    Battaglia Green
    Bordissot Blanca Rimada
    Chico Strawberry
    Coll De Dama Blanc
    Coll De Dama Blanca-Negra
    Coll De Dama Bordissotenca
    Coll De Dama De Ciutat
    Coll De Dama Gigantina
    Coll De Dama Gris
    Coll De Dama Noire
    Coll De Dama Rimada
    Coll De Dama Roja
    Desert King
    Emerald Strawberry
    Grasa's Adriatic
    Green Greek
    Green Ischia
    Green Ischia
    Gros Monstreuse di Lipari
    Hmari (Bass)
    Italian 215
    JH Adriatic
    Makedonian White
    Palisades Green
    Paradiso Bronze VS
    Paradiso Gene
    Paradiso GM-9
    Raspberry El Molino Unk
    Rockaway Green
    San Pietro
    Sister Madeline's Green Greek
    Strawberry Teardrop
    Strawberry Verte
    Tres Num Prato
    Vasilika Sika (Finger Leaf)
    Vasilika Sika (Round Leaf)
    White Greek
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    I was wondering the same thing and never came up with an answer in my research. Green Ischia, Conadria, and maybe Adriatic JH for mid ripeners.

    I'm anxious to hear of an earlier ripener.
    Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Verdolino, Black Celeste


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      Well, my figs are pretty young, so this might not be so representative, but here's my ripening order amongst that list.

      1) Adriatic JH
      2) Smith
      3) Ischia Green

      Ischia green and Smith are just now starting. Adriatic JH ripened its first one a week or two ago, with 2 more ripening currently. My in ground RDB, Excel, and MBVS all ripened before my adriatic varieties.
      Brett in Athens, GA zone 7b/8a


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        Smith on 7/31/16
        Batagglia Green 8/6/16
        JH Adriatic 8/7/16
        Dalmatie 8/8/16
        newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


        • ross
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          Glad to see that Smith is your earliest.

          Are all those in ground? When's your last frost date?

        • newnandawg
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        • newnandawg
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          Dalmatie is in 10 gal pot and the others are in ground

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        Maybe add Rockaway Green and Paradiso-Gene to the list? For me, Adriatic JH has always ripened well before Battaglia Green and Paradiso-Gene. CdDB and CdDN are always among the last figs to ripen; however, CdDB-N appears to ripen much earlier.
        D-i-c-k-e-r-s-o-n, MD; zone 7a
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        • ross
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          I added Rockaway Green/Paradiso Gene to the list. Good catch. Also saw a post from BigBadBill saying that RG and Palisades Green (also added to the list) both ripen on his birthday (Aug 20th).

        • GregMartin
          GregMartin commented
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          Great news about CdDB-N. Kerry mentioned that to me last weekend so I'm excited to see how they do up here in Maine.

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        Last year:
        Conadria 8/20
        Calverte 8/25
        Lyndhurst White 8/28
        White Triana 8/31
        Emerald Strawberry 8/31

        Tony WV 6b


        • mountainfigs
          mountainfigs commented
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          Smith, but it's 1 year old and has not set fruit.

        • mountainfigs
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          I'll add that especially if including brebas, then Condit's Adriatic, Conadria, has been easily the earliest Adriatic here in zone 6. Condria has ripened brebas here in the first week of July, and main crop by August 20, possibly earlier this year. No other Adriatic has come close really, especially when taking quantity into consideration. I do hesitate to enthusiastically suggest Conadria though, because as plenty of people have noted, it can easily ripen watery, bland. But if water can be controlled, it seems to me to be the Adriatic fig to beat for a good early ripening Adriatic.

        • mountainfigs
          mountainfigs commented
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          And then 4 days later the first green/red Longue d'Aout ripened. If green/red figs with complex flavor are generally considered Adriatics, then Longue d'Aout is easily the earliest Adriatic or at least complex green/red fig to ripen here. A great fig for short seasons.

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        Hi Ross, I think if you do a search you will find some ripening charts for many varieties here in this forum, I think Kelby posted that last year. My money is on Strawberry Verte being the earliest ripener of main crop. I consider Smith a normal ripener, with Battaglia and Adriatic JH a little later. I agree with all of Steve's comments above (Rewton).
        Zone 10b, Miami, FL


        • ross
          ross commented
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          Would you consider Smith a honey fig or an adriatic type?

          And according to Pete, Strawberry Verte is a late ripener: https://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-h...-flavor-groups

          I'd love to hear others opinions on SV.

        • Hanbury House
          Hanbury House commented
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          I consider Strawberry Verte a mid or mid / late season fig, but I don't know its timing in comparison to other Adriatic types.

          Its not my earliest, but certainly not the latest. Its after California Brown Turkey, but ready here before my 143-36 (Emerald Strawberry), Yellow Long Neck, or Preto. The inground
          SV started ripening at same time as the inground VdB. I also have Battaglia, Bourjassotte Grise, and Adriatic JH, but none old enough to produce and compare harvest timing.

          SV in a 25g white pot, 4 years old, full day sun on driveway concrete, here in zone 10b ripened its first few figs for me in mid July ( sorry I don't record exact dates,) around the same time I started picking a few MBvs, also in a big pot, but only 2 years old.

          The other SV is espaliered, gets half day sun with Western exposure, in the ground, maybe 10 or 11 years old, and had its first few figs ready the last few days July or very beginning of August this year. Both Strawberry Vertes still have lots of stages of immature figs. The inground SV ripens about 10 days later than the California Brown Turkey right next to it. Even though we have had a warmer and sunnier than normal summer this year, CBT is always about that much earlier than SV.

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        i just love Smith, I personally group it by color as a gray/intermediate type, as for flavor, I understand thhe temptation to group it with Adriatic figs, it is certainly not a honey or sugary fig, however I find it so unique I personally prefer not to group it with other figs, I would say it is in a class by itself. Strawberry Verte held its shape when nearly everything in my collection split in early autumn rains last year-that makes it a keeper.
        Zone 10b, Miami, FL


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          Desert King brebas are reported to be among the first.
          If you consider El Molino Unk. an Adriatic, then it was my first Adriatic ripener at 7/25/2016. The green skin is streaked with a dark olive green/brown color and has a gray patina from the surface yeast.
          After that, Strawberry Verte was my next Adriatic fig ripe this year -just a few days ago. Adriatic JH, Panachee, CdDB, Paradiso Bronze, Sucrette aren't ripe yet. Vasilika Sika and Battaglia don't have fruit this year. Hative de Argentueil is more of a gray color but has a great sweet/acid berry taste and was ripe 7/31/2016 here. It's in a pot.
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