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  • CDD Roja and it’s not!

    Looks like RDB to me. Moderate berry and sweetness. Could have used another day.

    $25 for a 1 gallon 2 years ago. In a 2 gallon right now. Don’t have this variety so all is good and it’s just another part of the fig game.
    So. California, Zone 10a

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    Where did you get I from?
    Tom V
    On the road! USA
    Make compost not war


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      Laguna Hills Nursery near Santa Ana. Gary the owner is a great guy but he doesn’t guarantee his 1 gallon fig stock is true to type unless he grows and fruits it in his yard so I took my chances.
      So. California, Zone 10a


      • DrDraconian
        DrDraconian commented
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        I find this cavalier attitude towards the plants he sells quite annoying. It's not the only variety people have found to be wrong being sold at Laguna Hills. If he is not confident that what he sells is correct, he should not be selling it.

      • Finodejete
        Finodejete commented
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        You have a point and I agree especially if you are a collector. I believe he later has put out a written disclaimer on some of the varieties he has not personally fruited.