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  • First Natalina main crop.

    I got my first 2 main crop figs from my Natalina, very nice for its first figs and more on the way.
    Had nice berry syrup and fig taste with a little acid bite, no melon.
    Natalina seems very productive, and a good match for my environment. Click image for larger version

Name:	20210725_090516.jpg
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Name:	20210725_190719.jpg
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Name:	20210725_190452.jpg
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Name:	20210725_190228.jpg
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    Almaguin Highlands, Canada. Zone 4a/3b. WL: Ronde de Bordeaux, Florea, Hollier, Dauphine, Gisotta nero, Verdolino, Malta Black, Violet Sepor .Any early finishers would help, just starting out, not picky. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication~Da Vinci

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    Nice! I’ve been wondering about this one myself. Glad to see a thread for it this year!
    𓂃𓂃☽︎​ᨏ𓂃High Desert Foothills𓂃ᨏ☼​𓂃𓂃
    Zone 9ã • Southern CA


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      It's been a great variety here. How did you get it to ripen for you so early?
      Joe, Z6B, RI.


      • JMF75
        JMF75 commented
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        Joe do you have this variety in a container? And how well does it do for you? Thank you

      • jrdewhirst
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        Yes, and it does great. It’s a relatively early Mt Etna type. Productive and tasty.

      • Terra
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        The night temperatures last week were dropping down to 9C -13C we are having very cold night temps. I would not accomplish anything growing figs here unless they were covered, we have a constant wind too being on top of a hill.
        The tunnel is on a thick bed of sand covered with black cloth, it seems to help trap a fair bit of thermal heat for those cold summer nights but have to be very very mindful of the ventilation during the day.
        I put my figs out this year mid May but they woke up in April and had to shuffled them a bit.
        I'm hoping to invest in a bigger greenhouse and put in a earth battery to further extend my growing season.
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      I have one ,but will only be ready in 2 to 3 weeks. The other two young ones don’t have any figlets on them this first year, they are only 2 ft tall
      🇨🇦Ridgeway, Ontario , on Lake Erie. zone 6b/7a 🇨🇦


      • Terra
        Terra commented
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        I hope they do well for you.
        It's been a very hardy and easy variety for me so far.
        Seems to be very quick to set figs as it grows.

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      in pot or ground?
      i happen to have this one, still small though.
      Zone 5/6. WL: Exquisito, Florea, Iranian Candy, Smith, LSU Hollie, Malta Black, Red Lebanese BV, Hative d'Argenteuil


      • Terra
        Terra commented
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        My figs are all in pots, no way I could grow in ground here.
        I may experiment with one inground one day just to see, you never know.

      • Joshawa
        Joshawa commented
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        Thanks Terra for your quick reply.

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      Wow those look delicious. Congratulations!
      Joe - Rhode Island Zone 7a https://figbid.com/Listing/Browse?Seller=Jostang75


      • Terra
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        Thank you Joe!

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      This is one of my favorite figs 😊, looks Great 👍 😊
      Florida, Zone 9a/b
      Cosme Manyo