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  • Weak branches - let them grow or prune?

    A few of my trees have developed long but thin branches that drop down or fold over on other branches. I used bamboo sticks to support a few of them but some are impossible to really support well. Is this normal - trees look a bit deformed but they are producing figs. All the fig tree pictures others here post and videos on YouTube have nice thick branches. Do I need to prune the trees differently later this fall? Or not prune at all and let them get thicker on their own (don’t know if they will)
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    Unless these are heavy breba producers (from the labels I can see they are not) I would wait until dormancy then give them a major pruning. In the meantime, make sure they are getting adequate sunlight, water and nutrients.

    Take a look through the Frequently Referenced Topics forum sticky thread for pruning guidance (specifically section 8.a.).
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