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  • Olympian fig

    Im looking for a strong productive olympian strain. Ive been adding EBT to my collection

    I have some high end varities if anyone would like to trade. Let me know & ill send a list of what i have.

    Please no tissue culture figs. Preferably grown from old wood cuttings or airlayer.

  • #2
    I just bought a really great Olympian tree from Edible Landscaping here in Afton Virginia yesterday . I posted pictures of it. Post entitled new baby first pictures. I bought one in a 5 gallon container but they also have smaller ones. Check them out. They’re reputable nursery.
    Buy trees, shrubs, herbs, and an array of garden plants on site or pickup directly from our fruit, tree, garden nursery. When you buy potted plants will be shipped directly to you, avoiding the shock that can occur from bare root plants. We ship year round and grow our plants naturally.
    Teresa Staunton Va Zone 6B