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  • New Hollier! Lets see how fast it grows

    Potted up my new LSU Hollier today - I’m excited to have this one, it’s always appealed to me - early, sweet, vigorous, productive, and more complex than a straight up honey fig. It’s in a roughly 10-gallon SIP from target.

    It should be interesting to see how big it gets this season. I have no expectations for fruit, I just want to see it get to a solid 2-3’ in height so I can head it back this winter and get the scaffolds going.

    Hopefully its reputation for vigorous growth is well earned!!
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    Eric - Seattle / Sunset Zone 5 - W/L: Granato - Now offering fig-pops, my rooting mix, and gritty potting mix! https://www.figbid.com/Listing/Brows...er=pacnorwreck

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    That one is on my list too, quite a few of the LSU line up.
    Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

    Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


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      Good luck! I am also trying to find one for my collection.
      Almaguin Highlands, Canada. Zone 4a/3b. WL: Ronde de Bordeaux, Florea, Hollier, Dauphine, Gisotta nero, Verdolino, Malta Black, Violet Sepor .Any early finishers would help, just starting out, not picky. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication~Da Vinci


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        My Hollier was started as a cutting in January and now it's in a 7 gallon and pushing out figs. Good luck!
        Joe - Rhode Island Zone 7a