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  • New fig grower looking to get started!!

    Hey y'all, I'm a farmer here in South Florida, that has recently become very curious about figs! I was wondering where you guys get cuttings from? I've Made a little list of my wishlist for varieties, really excited to join this lovely community! If anyone has cuttings or plants or knows where I can get some of these varieties I would be super grateful!
    Much love,


    Figo preto
    LSU Tiger
    LSU Smith
    LSU Hollier
    LSU Scotts black
    Improved Celeste
    Violette de Bordeaux
    Green ischia
    White Marseilles

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    If you are open to buying plants from nurseries, Preto, Tiger and Improved Celeste are in stock at One Green World nursery in Portland. Burnt Ridge Nursery (a local WA state nursery) has Lattarula and Negronne in stock, both considered by many on here to be synonyms for white marseilles and Violette de Bordeaux repectively.

    Conversely, many members of the community sell cuttings and rooted plants on figbid .com; most of the varieties on your list are offered fairly frequently there.
    Eric - Seattle / Sunset Z5 - W/L: Granato, Malibu Greek, Moellada, D’en Bota - Now offering my gritty rooting mix! https://www.figbid.com/Listing/Brows...er=pacnorwreck


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      How do you like the campaniere? Seems like a really cool french heritage type! I was browsing Thierry's website of all those varieties the other day, absolutely incredible stuff.

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    Wow! Thanks so much for the awesome info! I'll be keeping an eye on figbid forsure!


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      Welcome to the forum!
      Just Fruits and Exotic is local to Florida and has good stock.

      Another good option is www.figbid.com
      Round Rock, TX 8b
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        Hi! Welcome!

        Just Fruits and Exotics is a nursery is based in Florida and has Green Ischia, Hollier, Improved Celeste, Scott's Black, Smith, and Violette de Bordeaux currently in stock.
        Tony - west PA, zone 6a/5b


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          Welcome, good info above.

          Happy Growing!

          Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

          Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!