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  • Water Sample Test for fertilizer base line

    There has been a lot of great information posted on fertilizer and what process everyone uses. I find it very interesting and looking to increase my knowledge. I do not know the baseline of my irrigation water and would like to send a sample to JR Peters for analysis. Question I have is should I send an irrigation water sample or also include a fertilizer sample?

    My irrigation water is city water, not from a well. I do have the "annual drinking water quality report" but looks like it is measuring for different contaminates and byproducts...not the nutrients I am looking for.
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    I would not send out a sample of your tap water for testing because I doubt that the information you get would be useful. I would just go ahead and fertilize.
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      Tom what nutrients etc are you looking for?

      I'm surprised your water report doesn't have the info you're looking for - Calcium and Magnesium I assume? You could also try calling them - they certainly have this info, they just might not bother publishing it. They are forced to publish the contaminants etc.

      Unless I'm missing something, I wouldn't see the value in seeing the fert. water info? I do see folks checking their fert water with TDS or pH meters, but if going that route you might want to consider investing in those meters so you could check ongoing as needed, with different fertilizers or potting mixes etc.

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        Thank you for your reply, they only seem to publish the contaminants not calcium or magnesium. Guess I am looking to see if adding epsom salt is needed or if I already have enough magnesium in my water. Probably overthinking it, I’m going to call the local water municipality and see if they can forward that information.