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  • Fig Cuttings

    I am new to figs, bought a house with huge backyard and i want to grow few fig trees.
    How to successfully grow a fig tree from cutting? What kind of soils, sunlight, temperature do i need?
    Philly Zone 7B - Looking for tasty figs

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    Welcome to ourfigs!

    What is your location, are you looking to start now ( young plants would be better ) or next season with cuttings.
    Chicago Zone 5
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      In a nutshell, the most simplest method to me is:
      1. Use a coco coir, or peat, & perlite mix.
      2. Put it in a pot and stick your cutting in. (Don’t put it in too deeply to where the cutting is at the bottom of the pot. Leave a few inches.)
      3. Water well the first time, then touch up as needed.
      4. Stick it in a shady protected spot, and kind of forget about it until it starts growing.
      Tip: Consider wrapping the upper exposed part of the cutting in parafilm to prevent dry out.
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        Originally posted by MJA829 View Post
        Welcome to ourfigs!

        What is your location, are you looking to start now ( young plants would be better ) or next season with cuttings.
        How do i add zone 7b info to my post, the place under my description?
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        Philly Zone 7B - Looking for tasty figs


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          Welcome! Take a look at the link to the frequently referenced topic posted above and you'll find instructions for updating your signature line.

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        greetings and welcome! You can customize your signature to include that info. Go to the top right side of the page and click on your name. A drop-down menu will appear. Select "user settings." On the next page, look for the tab at the top that says "Account." click there and then scroll down to Conversation Details

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          Thank you.

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        dechen1213 welcome to the forum!! You will find a lot of good suggestions for establishing and maintaining your fig collection here!
        Pm me for the list of trees available for sale.
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