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  • Dead trees finally coming to life

    Several fig trees I thought died during Winter are finally budding out. Some from the ground (Which makes sense, no growth on old dead branches, push new pups) and some from the "dead branches".... My question is why the dead branches decided to bud now in the heat of summer. You'd think they'd bud out in June if the branch is still alive. Regardless, I have about 5 in ground trees that are coming back now.

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    What’s your location?


    • moonlight
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      What was the coldest last winter ?
      Where they all winter protect ?
      When did you uncover them ?
      Mine didn't freeze in winter in garage but looks like there is a chance that they will cook this summer 🤣🤣🤣 not kiding at all !

    • CallMeDave26
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      I'm in Hamilton Ontario, close to Toronto. Yeah, it definitely got cold and they were not protected. It probably got down to -20 or -25 for a few nights. I can understand new growth coming from the root underground but over top on the branches was weird.

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    After the winter of 2017/18, a lot of us in the northeast had what one member labeled "zombie trees" -- they came out of storage looking alive and showing green when the bark was scratched, then sat and did nothing all through spring. Some came back to life in mid-summer, and some slowly turned the reddish-brown of dead fig wood.
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      I had a couple of in ground RdBs planted 100 ft or so away from my house, and they appeared deader than dead until early July.
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      • CallMeDave26
        CallMeDave26 commented
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        Yeah, that's exactly what's happening. Looked dead and out of nowhere they're coming to life.

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      None of my in ground trees were protected so I wasn't surprised about them dying but for them to come back now, must mean they're still alive... which you'd think they'd come back to life much earlier than mid-July. Anyways, I'm happy they're coming back because a couple of varieties were Single trees so now I have a chance to salvage a couple varieties I thought I lost and I'll start new cuttings in the Winter. The new cuttings will be much healthier than these outdoor damaged trees.