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  • La Costa Jewel 2021

    Its common!
    It was picked way to early, so I can’t comment on flavor, but hey it’s common.

    I’ll follow up with a better description of flavor after the next fig ripens.

    Hopefully, I can keep little helpers away from the next one😂😂😂
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    WL: Delicious figs

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    excellent!! I'm anxiously awaiting figs on mine!! thanks for posting. I'll be watching for the taste test on the next fig!! That's some cavity inside, huh??
    Pm me for the list of trees available for sale.
    Phoenix, AZ zone 9B


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      Good news. Thanks for the confirmation! I'm still waiting for my young inground tree fruits to ripen. The inside cavity, color, and taste should improve with the age.
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        Awesome! I figured it was probably common because my figs are continuing to develop, but no ripe ones for me yet. That’s a pretty large hole in the center. It’s kind of distinctive. I wonder if other figs from the tree will look similar.
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