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  • Out of 68 varieties, this is the most aggressive grower!

    Black Manzanita!!!!

    Jan 2021: Received Rooted Cutting
    Mar 2021: Up-Potted to 1 gal
    May 2021: Up-Potted to 5 gal
    July 2021: Up-Potted to 10 gal

    It’s grown 5+ feet and has fruit! Just insane!

    P.s. plus 3 air layers that will be rooted in Sept.

    Just an amazing variety.
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    wow, which zone are you in?
    Zone 5/6. WL: Exquisito, Florea, Iranian Candy, Smith, LSU Hollie, Malta Black, Red Lebanese BV, Hative d'Argenteuil


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      9B - Northern California


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        Of course. Everything grows well in California. Sunshine 365 days a year. Long growing season. No rain. Controlled watering/fertilizing. A single cloudy day is a long time for a fig tree. Add it up (anywhere else) it equals a month of clouds in the summer. That equals slow growth. Coupled with already short seasons.

        You guys are cheating.
        GA, 7b


        • TNJed
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          Yes Achilles….let’s make peace. FedEx some fresh figs back East and we will sign the treaty!

        • Badgerferrit
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          Last I checked Achilles doesn’t sign treaties. He comes to your place eats the figs he brought, slaughters your family and leaves with your fig trees.

        • Achilles
          Achilles commented
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          Hey, at least I leave the fig tree…..

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        Yes but it sounds like it's the fastest of 68 with the same growing conditions so it says something about this variety.
        -- Zone 10a


        • Achilles
          Achilles commented
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          That’s exactly what I was meaning. It’s just such an aggressive grower and based on where the mother tree is (just north of San Francisco) it’s thriving in foggy cool weather.

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        I will agree that this is a very aggressive variety.
        Mine is planted in the ground and is already loaded with figs. Unusual for a first year tree.
        I am seeing the same vigor (in terms of growth) with NSDC, too.
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        Piney Point Village, Zone 8b
        W/L- Allix, Calderona


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          I'm trying to slow mine down. It's in a 25 gal fabric bag and has about 12 shoots 3-5ft long. It also has fruit but not ripe yet. I love seeing fruit on a fast grower. Many fast growers are shy to bear.

          So yes it's a fast grower but so are many others. You can't tell much from one plant. Many varieties that were initially slow turned out to be fast. Plant to plant variability is huge.

          Even the ones that are actually slow on their own roots like Black Madeira and BNR can be beasts when grafted onto strong roots.
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          Alpine, Texas 4500ft elevation Zone 7


          • fruitnut
            fruitnut commented
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            That's nice Gold Figger especially considering that my mother tree planted in ground isn't that tall. So that's another case of tree to tree varaibility.

          • Achilles
            Achilles commented
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            Of course some varieties take their time to get into gear and once established, really turn into fast growers but I’m always amazed how some varieties can go from a 6inch cutting to 6ft in months. Just impressive.

          • Gold Figger
            Gold Figger commented
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            frutinut, since it has a rep of slow growth i added a special all natural ingredient during the pot up... i "cheated" lol.

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          Agreed, very aggressive grower.
          Zone 6A


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            It's the SF Bay Area genetics
            San Francisco Zone 10B.
            WL: None


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              Well if you decide to head it, i live in Albany and would love to pick up a cutting
              -- Zone 10a


              • Achilles
                Achilles commented
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                I have three air layers on it and they will be made available in a month or so

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              That sounds great!
              -- Zone 10a