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  • Violeta main crop 2021

    This is the third and so far the best fig I have had from this tree, certainly the first worth posting about
    This fig is from my Violeta tree, which I rooted from a cutting given to me by figgary in January last year, his tree is from HarveyC. The tree is in its second year.
    I’m not a professional or trained taster of anything, so to me it just tastes like a very excellent fig, with some berry jam flavors in there. It was very sweet as well. Texture was soft and sticky, slightly jammy. Due to my very hot and dry climate, the skin on these Violeta figs have been very tough, so I just eat the pulp first and eat the skin last. They’re also ripening and softening before they are totally violet.
    All in all, an excellent fig, and one that I’m sure will only get better as the tree ages
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    That’s a nice looking fig!
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    • mwhight34
      mwhight34 commented
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      Thanks I’m waiting on a couple Burgan figs to ripen this week too, can’t wait to compare

    • RosyPosy
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      @mwhite34 Very nice! Hope to hear your thoughts on Burgan Unk. too 😊

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    Yummy looking fig. Thanks for sharing
    Joe - Rhode Island Zone 7a https://figbid.com/Listing/Browse?Seller=Jostang75