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  • Clonex

    Is there a more "reasonably" priced alternative to Clonex that is also effective in rooting fig cuttings?
    Location: NJ, zone 6b
    Wish List: BNR

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    I use the Bontone 2 and have had great success. but I do not think it is needed or boost your percentage. I think it just gives a boost to a cutting that would have made it anyway.
    Mike Lamonte

    Louisiana Zone 8/9. W/L Caprifigs of old and new ones to trial.


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      I used Clonex for a couple years in a row...but I used Dip n grow last winter...seemed to work well. You can dilute it as you need...more dilution for easy to root or delicate things like tomato cuttings...less dilution for hard to root things like roses, etc. The bottle lasts a long time and I mix up a fresh batch each time I'm rooting...I usually root a significant amount of cuttings at once to use it wisely. I have some tall skinny bottles that I got capers in and that is a great size and shape for dipping cuttings...and has a screw on lid. So you can save it overnight and do more tomorrow if you need to. I had some bottles of clonex go sour on me...I thought I'd get the EXTRA LARGE size as it is more economical price / oz, and had to throw a lot of it away. Granted, I left it outside in the shade...but I learned not to do that. Now I keep all my rooting powders and liquids indoors.
      I recently bought a can of Hormodin 3...which is for harder to root plants...that is a powder which is messy to use and it seems you drop a lot of it. It was pricey...I haven't done many cuttings with that, but so far it doesn't seem better than the Dip n Grow. The Dip n Grow is alcohol based...some people had said it is harsh...I thought it worked well. I'd be interested to hear what others like and use.
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      Phoenix, AZ zone 9B


      • KDAD
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        I dipped about 90% of my cuttings in Hormodin 2. I was happy with the results. I bought it because that is what Greenhouse was selling when I bought pots.

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      I’m sold on Dip n’ Grow at least for now. I accidentally dipped the wrong end of a cutting, realized it and then applied it to the bottom. Under humidity, the whole length of the cutting was growing roots and had to rub off the roots growing into the air.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if you could root popsicle sticks with this stuff.
      So. California, Zone 10a


      • Tom
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        LOL....I used Dip 'n Grow this season on 70 cuttings and had very good results, I will use it again.

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      I've had good success with Midas rooting gel this year. Pretty reasonable on ebay.
      Tony; Pickens county, SC zone 7b

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        You can use aloe if you have an aloe plant / it’s about as cheap as you can’t get. Or bananas.


        • RosyPosy
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          I used aloe last year. Handy & cheap!

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        Achilles, thanks for mentioning bananas for their rooting abilities. I hadn't ever heard of it. I haven't checked it out yet, but I see there's a thread on it: https://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-home/709809-using-a-banana-to-root
        Alan. Los Angeles area. Zone 10b (Sunset zone 24).
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        • Achilles
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          Bananas are great for citrus especially. Aloe is also great across the board.

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        Toronto, Canada USDA Zone 5. Wish List: Azores Dark, Malta Black, Improved Celeste and Smith. I'm always interested in trading cuttings if your in the Southern Ontario area. Thank You!