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  • First i258 breba (6A)

    I have 8-9 figs almost ready but I think I still need to let them hang. I really wanted to have one so I pulled on several but only one came off. It was very good although the skin tasted a bit bitter. Not very large, only 43g. Did I pull it too early?
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    The color inside is different than my I258 last season, but it looked ready...no latex when picked?
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      Looks like it's already past ripe and starting to dry a bit. Looks very good though.
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        Yep... looks like it was beyond ripe and drying on the tree.

        Different figs taste better at different stages.

        The last part of the fig to ripen is the area up near the stem. Once you see that area soften... and maybe the slightest crinkling of the skin... then it is almost certainly perfectly ripe.

        However, I hear that I-258 is one of the figs that can be picked a little/slightly early and still maintain a great flavor.... so you can try that as well.

        I currently have an I-258 and Genovese Nero AF (Same plant allegedly). They are very young/were just rooted out this Spring. I look forward to eating gobs of them! I cannot wait for a few years to pass by for them to mature with flavor.

        What kind of humidity do you deal with in your region??? If you have I-258 figs drying on the tree like that... AND live in a slightly humid to humid area... then I shall be planting mine in ground. lol


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          Thank you for your feedback. I was so afraid of being too early that I almost picked them too late. There was no latex. Collected the rest of them today and they were pretty good. Not great, but good. But still it’s breba, looking forward to main ones

          I am in Michigan, 6A. It pretty humid, usually 65-80%. We have had lots of rain recently and weather in mid 80s.

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            I pick my first 2 off the tree. I had a lot of high expectations and it didn't meet any unfortunately. Maybe it just needs time to mature. The next one ripening is completely purple but it's still hard. So I'm hoping this will have better flavor. It is a good size fig though!!
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              Pwr_wrx - how old is your I-258?

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              About 2 years old