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  • How does one freeze ripe figs ?

    This is fig harvest season. many ripe figs soon. had thought of simply placing dry figs in freezer zip bags after lightly dusting with sugar? we do dry some in hot attic and works fine if one can use all the dried ones!


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    How to Freeze Fresh Figs

    If you have more figs than you can use quickly and don't feel like making fig preservesor fresh fig freezer jam, you can freeze them for up to six months and use them in smoothies, cooked sauces, or baked goods. Here's how to freeze figs two different ways:
    1. Individual, quick-freeze method

    Wash them thoroughly and, setting aside any that are very soft, space them out on a wax-paper-lined baking sheet in the freezer. When they're completely frozen, transfer to freezer bags.
    2. Sugared freezer method

    You can also peel them, quarter or slice them, and combine them with sugar (1 cup sugar to 5 cups fruit) before packing and freezing in tightly covered freezer containers.
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      good so now tell us how you make fig freezer jam?

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      I don’t, I make jam from fresh figs only. I collect them for a few days and keep them in the fridge until I have enough, about a kilogram for one batch, but any recipe can be doubled if you have enough figs.

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    A good link for frizzing figs
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      I'm going to try eboone's method of partially drying then freezing. He says the texture and flavor hold up very well.
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        I just wash them and put them in a Ziploc in the freezer. I like to eat them frozen. If you thaw them they'll be mushy.
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