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  • Help with new tree please!

    Hello, looking for some help on this new Fig tree. I am not sure why it is doing this but it does not have the strength in the main to support itself. I staked this a few month ago to hope and improve it but as you can see it is still not able to support itself from the main. This is a GE Neri Fig and the first of its kind I ever planted. I have several Chicago Fig and Brown Turkey that have since been planted outside, but i have never had a problem like this. What should i do ? I am scared to keep it staked as it might begin to rely on the stake to much.
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    Why your keeping it indoor.

    it will not grow well in a poor lighting condition, also outside the wind movement will strengthen the tree and harden it.
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      If it were my tree. I would put it in full sun outside and cut the truck back to 18-24”

      im sure others will have different ideas✌🏼
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        Nope. Same idea.

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      well with these I rotate them, because of the high winds we get (I live near the bay) it tends to break them. each week I rotate the 3 seen with 3 others. Do you think i should stake this with 2 stakes and keep outside in full sun until fall ? I live at top of zone 5 and our bigger fig trees outside I actually bury them each year in the fall due to the harsh winters and bring them up in the spring. In Lebanon our Fig trees have no problem lol have over 130.


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        Stake them and leave them outside.

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      When I was in Washington state for business, I was amazed to see incredibly tall pine trees. Why were they so tall? There’s not much sun lights there in Washington. Your tree needs some fresh air and plenty of sun.
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        Stake it straight with 6 ft stakes, acclimate it to the sun, pinch the tip, and leave it in full sun all summer. When dormant, cut it back to whatever height you like.
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          You may want to consider pinching the apical bud to encourage side branching.
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            Full sun, full sun, full sun. Or at least as much as you can. Bring it indoors only in the winter or if you want a house plant. You have it in a west facing window? It will only get late afternoon sun there. It could be leggy due to lack of sun.

            This is a very recent picture of one that I grew in a northeast facing window for 16 months. It got some strong morning sun sun and then some strong afternoon sun from another window but not that much overall. It was about the same size though when I placed it there. It didn't grow much and I have since moved it outdoors.

            Click image for larger version

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            Here it was inside Sept 2020 at 9 in the morning so you can see the morning sun shining in:
            Click image for larger version

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            Here it is in Dec 2020 at 2 in the afternoon getting some later day sun:
            Click image for larger version

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              Great, thanks for all the advice guys. from what everyone said I think I will stake it and leave it outside for full sun for the remainder of the summer.