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  • Do you feel nostalgic about discovering this fig growing community?

    This might just be a weird thing that I'm experiencing, lol.

    I learned about this community around this time last year. It was so exciting finding out about all these figs, and all these varieties I thought I could never have that carried the premium tag. Even names such as "Col de Dame Blanc" or "LSU" or "Smith" invoke glimpses of nostalgia for me. I remember looking up figbid and seeing the prices and going "holy crap". And then I eventually got used to it. It just doesn't feel the same anymore. That was one of the happiest times of my life.

    I also remember how it felt like a sea of information on how to grow figs, and didn't know where to start. All I could do was watch videos and pick up a tip here and there.

    I also get nostalgic about the smell of the cold winter air, impatiently waiting for sellers like Harvey to do their annual sales. Watching that video where his trees were all defoliated and going dormant. Also another huge source of nostalgia this winter was watching Tom Zabadal's grape pruning videos because the topic seemed so complicated for me, and grape pruning looks [email protected]@@.

    Fun times
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    It has been fun. I can't believe how much this hobby took over my free time. I've always loved growing things but never had a group of like minded enablers until I joined this past year. Now I'm chest deep in trees and ready for round 2.
    Seattle (zone 8b).


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      The folks here have a really nice way of making things simple and breaking things down and getting right to the core. I always thought learning how to grow a tree was so daunting. I now ask about other fruits/vegetables here too. And the forum is awesome to navigate as well. Well organized and visually appealing. That's a big one.

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    Figwasp Yes, they are all enablers, just like a group of Blastophaga. I think that we all need a 12-step program.
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      It’s been a fun journey and will be interesting to see how my growing develops over the next few years. I know I won’t continue my breakneck efforts to add as many possible winners ASAP each cutting season. I hope to have 40-50 trees in the ground by end of Aug which will include some duplicates. So will I really be so intrigued with those I don’t have once I’ve got bountiful crops of quality figs coming in?

      I know all those I have won’t be great here but I have a solid basis of proven SE producers so I should be eating lots of “good” figs. Will I keep chasing the drool worthy pics of French/Spanish/etc intros and Cali seedlings ? Or just make sure what I have is productive and healthy and focus more on other hobbies? Who knows, but it’s been great interacting with everyone on the forum and hope I get to meet more ppl in person in the future.
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        Very fun for me and goes by fast. Awesome people with great info and plenty of people sharing with the community. I enjoy all the great convos ranging from passing on growing experiences and humor thrown in for good measure. Thanks all!
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          Well... if it weren’t for this community and stuff I’d probably only have 2 fig trees. I remember last year doing research on what is the best fig variety, looking for info on VdB, and I came across this YouTube video by a guy called The Millennial Gardener tasting a VdB in comparison with an I-258. I was like, what the heck is an I-258?? That brought me to this forum and to figBid, and the rest is history. What was originally 2 fig trees, quickly became 10, then 20 because I needed all the top ones, and then um, well 50, somehow 75, and SO MANY CUTTINGS OMG!! It’s easy to forget a small cutting turns into a big tree! But I L.O.V.E.D. rooting them last year, and I learned a lot.

          figBid is my drug dealer and ourfigs is where my “smoking buddies” are at. But we have the land space, it adds value to our property and is a great tree to grow in our area. It’s really been a very rewarding hobby and has gotten me through the weirdness of this last year and a half. I’m really happy to have found this, I had no idea it existed, but it’s been very enjoyable and for that I am grateful! To be honest, I’m a little broke from it, stupid credit card enabling system , but it’s okay. Everyone needs some joy in their life!
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            I’m only less than 5 months in. I’m still in the “shock and awe” stage. Well, maybe just awe. Hard to believe it’s not even 5 months, though. So much figiness has happened already...from one variety to lots (I’ve gone a little overboard), and so much knowledge, and still soooo much to learn. Still very much a newbie, but on my way. I have to say, this Ourfigs community is incredible, and it’s the people who make it so and I am very thankful.
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              Most of us posting on here are not the (old timers) of the group. We all started our journey around the same time. As many of you have said your collections and interest have grown since finding this group. So have your friendships. Whether you have one tree or hundreds you will always be welcomed as a friend. We may not always get along. But in the end the love of figs and growing takes over and we forgive and forget.
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                I have been a fan of figs since I was pretty young, But moved around quite a bit.
                Now being ...dare I say it... middle aged, and settled in the last place I will live I can finally move forward with my dream of not only figs but other fruit trees and berries.

                An this forum is like the proverbial cherry on the cake to this hobby.

                Such really nice people here and very friendly and helpful.

                I hope to grow with the rest of you not only in hobby but friendship in the coming years.
                Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

                Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


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                  Funny thing is you start looking at trees and their foliage differently.
                  My sister sent me a video today, she and her family are vacationing in Bosnia. Gorgeous area, pool with my nephews and nieces, full of trees. It looked like an orchard.

                  Instead of saying: "oh my gosh my sweet little nephews and nieces, look how they've grown and are having fun".

                  No...my instinctive reaction is: hey sis, is that a big fig tree in the left corner next to the pool? You have no idea? Can you please walk over there and check for me? Why? Because I want to know if that's a fig, and what type of fig, so if you can take some close up pictures? Hello? Hello? Are you still there?

                  Yeah....that's what this hobby does to you. Within a year.
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                  • FloraFig
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                    goodfriendmike, the running joke in my family is: if there is ever an emergency, mom will rescue her figs first.

                    But 90...wow.... you're a boss!

                  • goodfriendmike
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                    FloraFig dogs first then the figs. Whos gonna protect those trees when your not home lol.

                  • ieatfigs
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                    It's crazy how I can now spot fig trees in people's yards randomly when I'm driving. Those I drive with think I've went too far.

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                  I've been here for several years and was a lurker for at least a year before that. I hesitated to join and create a profile because I find the drama on other forums quite distasteful. OurFigs is different. (Thank you, moderators!) Most folks on here are cordial and gracious. I've developed some great friendships here and that means a lot to me. I bought a tiny fig tree, a barely rooted cutting really, of Celeste at a local farm's annual sale. I wanted to learn how to best care for it which lead me here. Now I am a full-fledged fig addict with well over 100 varieties and counting. They bring me great joy. I walk through and check each one daily. It's amazing to see how much they grow in a season. It's thrilling to take a stick and later receive fruit from it. Figs are so diverse and that fascinates me. I know at some point in my journey I will begin culling some but this obsession, for me, is not a fleeting interest. It's a growing passion. I have received so much here and feel it's important to give back as well. I do an annual cutting giveaway and have given trees away to many, I co-host the annual Fig Frolic with BackwoodsSouthernLawyer to us fig fanatics a chance to gather in person, talk about figs, and trade. (info here) Finally, I contribute monetarily to the running of this forum. The expenses of running this forum are considerable. Let me encourage everyone to donate something. If anyone else feels nostalgic about OurFigs, then this is something important you could do to say "thank you." There is a yellow button at the top of the page
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                    I'll finally have cuttings to auction or sell this year. I definitely plan on giving back and doing my part to help the site continue to run.

                  • Herefiggyfiggy
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                    Well said 2AngelsMushrooms Now where is that yellow button to donate? I don't see it at the top of the page.

                  • 2AngelsMushrooms
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                    Click on Fig Forum and you should see it.

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                  I can relate. I’ve been around for two years now, and am finally getting to eat my own figs, and am done collecting and buying. I used to have ambitions of selling my own cuttings and breeding new seedling varieties, but as usual life has a habit of changing your priorities.


                  • ZomVee
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                    I'm sitting next to my Burgan Unk from ya right now. Just wanna say thanks again.

                  • mwhight34
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                    ZomVee you’re welcome! I’m glad to hear the cuttings were successful for you

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                  I have been feeling nostalgic also. It will be one year, next week, that I joined ourfigs. Great community and people. I may be alittle obsessive and may have gone from 1 tree to over 100 trees this last year... just saying... I have been making franken-trees of all sorts, multiple frankenfigs, a 17 variety apple tree, 16 variety stone fruit, 3 variety cherry, 3 variety pear, 2 variety white sapote, 5 variety loquat etc etc

                  Great community and people!
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