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  •  Desert King, RDB and Purpura Verde

    My first Desert King was more than I thought it could possibly be! RDB was good and Purpura Verde not so much! The RDB and PV were potted trees with a greenhouse head start. DK in ground.
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    Lebanon, Oregon Zone 8a

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    That looks great, good size DK
    Chicago Zone 5
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      They looks very tasty 😋
      How old are the trees ?
      Looking for De La Gloria.Your best teacher is your last mistake !


      • Joshj
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        The Desert King is 3 years old, second year in the ground, the other two are rooted cuttings over the winter.

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      That desert king looks amazing josh. When did you wake up your trees?
      Joe - Rhode Island Zone 7a


      • Joshj
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        RDB and the PV were rooted over the winter so they never went to sleep.

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      Looks Good. Congrats!

      The RDB I just rooted out this year is just starting to put on it's first figlets... so I may end up waiting until next year before getting to try one.