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  • Going Fig Fishing Again!

    California fig folk and all who are blessed with a gazillion fig varieties, I need help! Every couple of years I go fig fishing for the ASISI fig. It has a great story behind it, but I cannot find anyone that grows it.
    ASISI UC Davis DFIC0233 (049a) is the ID. If you know anything about this fig tree or have it - please let me know.

    Thank you,

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    why dont you write usda wolfskill reasurch fig orchard ,a real letter ! not a e mail ! send it certified return reciept us mail . tell them your reasurch goials for this veriety and your long search for it ,and time it to get dormant cuttings . inclose a sase so you atleast get a answer one way or the other . emails are a dime a dozen real mail sent certified return recept get pepoles attention ! good luck if you can team up with a phd or university farm advisor they may do there job ? .THEY USDA are to "over worked" to servise the general public ,just the academic elite and big agriculchure so much for serving the average citizen ?
    Zone 10a So. Calif. W.L. Super tasty new finds !


    • wellingtonbill
      wellingtonbill commented
      Editing a comment
      Will do! Great suggestion, as some Cali fig growers have asked around for me. UCDavis was attempted once too. 😉👍🏻