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  • Paratjal Rimada main - Beauty and brains

    ​​​​​​Such an all around great fig. One of the more beautiful and really interesting texture and flavor. Not as jelly-like as a CdD but super dense, its meaty is all I can describe. Flavor is relatively mild berry but with an interesting rich and complex aftertaste, a fig to ponder over . These have been really hard to judge ripeness for me as well. They stay pretty firm and another I picked that I let hang a bit longer started spoiling a bit. This is really my first year getting fruit on this tree (last year had a few really late in the year) so can imagine the potential with another season or two.

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    Looks great. It’s a striking fig and reminds me of BNR. I wonder if the spoilage has to do with caprification and heat. During the hottest part of last summer, I had a couple weeks where some figs tended to spoil if they got overripe. This problem went away once the weather cooled down a bit.
    Southern CA, Zone 10a


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      These just keep getting better. Such a great variety. They have been splitting quite a bit though, but it's dry enough here that they still are able to ripen without going bad.

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      // Los Angeles (10b) //
      // Wish List - A real yard with space to grow //


      • Evan
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        How long did you let this one hang, Chris? It looks amazing.

      • bkkchris
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        Evan These have been really hard for me to judge, they stay firm even when seemingly ripe. A few that I picked early which felt like they could go a few more days were actually spoiled inside. They do show the hint of a drop of honey and I have been letting them go a few days after I see that. Mine have also been getting more purple/red hues right about when they are ready as well. So I would say probably 4-6 days after they look pretty droopy... if that helps!

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      That is one gorgeous fig
      Joe, Central Bucks, PA Zone 6b/7a


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        Looks great Chris! My 1st tree is holding a few small figs. Wish I can ripen them before the winter
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          Thats is a great looking fig and it really looks like it will taste wonderful. Thank you for sharing and great Pics
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