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  • Nice website to see your exact USDA zone

    Zone 6a/b - west of Boston
    Waiting for climate change to bump me to Zone 8

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    Thanks for sharing 😊


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      5b 🥳🥳🥳

      Chicago Zone 5b


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        The resolution of the map is amazing. I don't know where the data comes from for the map but I like it!
        D-i-c-k-e-r-s-o-n, MD; zone 7a
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          Well that's a pretty cool website. Thanks for sharing
          Angel #1 at 2 Angels Mushrooms & Figs-Chattanooga, TN Zone 7-B
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            Wow, really like the map! There’s a lot of great information below it also (avg temp data, first and last frost info...) all in one place. Thanks!
            Northeastern TN. Zone 6b/7a. WL: Hative D'Argenteuil, Zaffiro, Irene’s Black Greek


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              Wow! Thanks for sharing.
              VA 7a - Wish List : Trees that can be "inground" for 6a or warmer.


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                That's an interesting site, Thanks
                Brenda East Tn. Zone 6B


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                  Thanks for sharing this website it’s very accurate.
                  South Carolina 8A
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                    Has the USDA - ARS updated their maps yet? It looks like they still date to 2012, and a lot of areas have probably changed hardiness zones and had big shifts in first/last frost dates since then. Folks are growing okra in Alaska now ...
                    Zone 10a San Diego | Wishlist: Boysenberry blush, Raspberry Tart, NSDC, Angelito, Bass Favorite, a caprifig that puts out wasps late in the season (Roeding #3? Milco?)


                    • PacNorWreck
                      PacNorWreck commented
                      Editing a comment
                      They haven’t. Partly because the way they calculate the zones is by 50-year averages of the absolute minimum temperatures reached in a given year (even if only for a few minutes).

                      So, for example, if I reached 20 degrees for a minute last winter and 17 degrees for a minute the year before, alternating like this going back 50 years, then I’d be in Zone 8b.

                      If the zones operated by averaging daily minimum temperatures, or if they didn’t go back 50 years, they would probably change more frequently.

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                    Awesome map! Thank you for sharing.

                    It looks like I am 8A... but around the corner from me is 7B (I had to zoom in on the map). lol

                    I shall consider myself 7B to be safe.

                    We are allegedly headed into a deeper and deeper "Grand Solar Minimum" with the deepest depths being between 2030 and 2050.

                    The East Coast (Where I am) should be getting cooler/wetter/and more stormy weather(hurricanes).

                    The West Coast should be seeing Warmer/Dryer weather as time goes on.

                    Geological activity (Earth Quakes, Volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and such) should see a sharp increase.

                    Things like the Dark Plague (corona virus now?) usually happen during the 300 year grand solar minimums as well.

                    Time to get gardening folks! Crops have a tendency to have issue from the weather changes.

                    I just went back and read what I just wrote. Looks crazy... but it's true.



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                      My zip code has 3 different zones?
                      Zone 6A