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  • Sal’s Gene / EL

    Thought I’d post on my first (and probably some of the only few I’ll get) figs of the season - all of my trees died to nearly “ground” level (to nearly the soil in pots) so I’m unsure of what to hope for.

    Anyhow, here’s the first Sal’s Gene / EL - unfortunately these ended up being in the initial stages of fermentation. Fortunately both my wife and I appreciated the flavor of even though that’s not what we were expecting - basically they were tiny bites of solidified Fig Beer!

    (also adding a pic of them beginning to ripen - the color contrast was beautiful IMHO)
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    Baltimore, MD (7a?) - Restarting my collection as of February 2022 - Wish me Luck!

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    That sort of set back is heartbreaking. These may not have been their best, but it looks like you have some more coming. I hope they will ripen well for you.
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      Glad I’m not the only one who eats questionable fruit. I ate some bird damaged figs today😂

      Does everything look like it’s going to recover from the freeze?
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      • Ikibahd
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        I actually only lost 1 tree out of roughly 35 - my LSU Jack Lily began growing back but strong wind in spring broke off the strong new growth and it never recovered, then finally died.

        All of my other trees are doing as well as I ever could have hoped. I probably should have fertilized more this year but I’ve just let them all grow at their own pace for the most part, only keeping them watered and fed with long term granular fertilizer in spring.

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      Here are two more that didn’t ferment on me - more of a figgy flavor with moderate sweetness.

      I don’t expect any figs of great quality this year since all of my trees had to grow back from practically the roots but I’m definitely happy with this tree and look forward to next year.
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      Baltimore, MD (7a?) - Restarting my collection as of February 2022 - Wish me Luck!