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  • My season start

    My cool central coast of California weather puts my figs behind most other locations. I have only had a few breba so far this year (LSU Gold, LSU Tiger, and Plint Nero) and this one has been my favorite. Bourjasotte gris breba has a nice slight berry mildly sweet flavor. Anxiously awaiting main crop! I have lots more BG and other varieties coming but they are all just so slow!

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    AKA Frankenberry/Scubasamdo
    Arroyo Grande / Central Coast of California, 10a/b, AHS 1

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    Hi Sam,
    We also have cool summers, but one of my unknown green figs (I call Elyse), from an old home in Santa Cruz, has had an amazing breba crop this year. Without origin, it's not "collectable," but I should start propagating it for those of us with the cool coastal weather. Since its original cutting some 15 years ago, it hasn't done much in a pot. In the ground three plus years ago, it's finally a keeper. It's earning its space now! If you're interested, let me know. The breba crops on my other trees, so far, are just a tease. Elyse has thrived in our cool mornings and mild afternoons. The breba crop has been abundant and devine! The main crop is tbd!
    Warning: the momma tree in the ground was well over two stories. I have kept mine smaller and gophers prune roots outside the baskets, but it is showing signs of vigor now that it has been in the ground for a few years!

    Susie - Santa Cruz (Central Coast California)


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      Sounds interesting...I would would love to try it.

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      Also Susie, we are very similar climates etc. You are at the northern end of the central coast and I near the southern end. Thank you forreaching out. Similar zones and regions should help each other. One of the things about ourfigs that is so nice!