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  • Training young branches

    Hi all just want to share with you,
    this fig tree is in One Gallon Pot,
    was supposed to be a single Stem
    But ...stuff happens.. now I'm training it into a Japanese / espalier , i have been re-tightning
    The velcro every couple of days.. i think that now are in the right direction,I'm going to be cutting the lower branch in the spring.

    Also, off Topic..
    can Figs come back from dead??
    I have another gallon pot where a dead fig has been sitting there for a year and now has new shoots,
    Please comment ... what are your thoughts
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Hamilton ON. Zone 6a/b

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    Great way to train the branches! I'll have to try it. I've been working with stakes, strings, etc. But your way looks much easier. Thanks for the tip!
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      Great training tip.

      yep that will come back. Just don’t over water
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        I’ve had a couple come back from the roots before, as long as they’re kept moist but not wet or dry and away from freezing temps then they can resprout


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          When I moved into my house, there was a dead BT fig tree which I removed. Some many months later, about 4 feet away from where the trunk was, several suckers started to come up next to a cement barrier. I removed one and planted it in a better place. Today, this past year, the tree has become a frankenfig tree with 70 varieties grafted onto it. I am hoping to taste a couple of dozen different varieties in the coming months.
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            figs are very forgiving when you ignore them, however very unforgiving when you over water them and pay too much attention. I have had several branches I just chucked in the compost pile whcih I thought were dead, sprout and those which i babied in cups die from root rot.
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              Thanks guys for your input, and tips,
              I m glad to share useful tips, yes I have used this method before and by far is the easiest way to train new branches
              Hamilton ON. Zone 6a/b


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                This is a 4 years old plant and I used the same Dowel/ stick method ...
                Click image for larger version

Name:	20210805_091924.jpg
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ID:	1026374 as you can see
                is actually not too shabby ☺️
                Hamilton ON. Zone 6a/b