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  • Need help on deciding which fig varieties is best for my use.

    Hello all:

    I would like to make fig jam for myself.

    Here in Canada we can buy commercial figs from California, Mexico and Brazil but transport make them quite expensive at about 1$ (sometimes $1.50) a piece and frankly coming from so far away they don’t taste very good, IMO. Huge carbon impact by the way. So buying 200 figs to make my own jam is out of the question. I have to grow them.

    I bought many fig jams jars from abroad (Greece, Lebanon, France etc.) but was disappointed with their extreme added sugar content and little flesh.

    I prefer dark skin figs (outside) with dark flesh (either black/brown/red (inside)). I prefer fig with thin “skin” and a lot of flesh. I don’t care if they are “petite” size because “taste” is important to me…

    Being so close to the North Pole 😜 I prefer varieties with only Breba or harvest time no later than mid September to early October.

    I could grow 12 trees from different varieties.

    Fig trees are going to be grown in containers in my greenhouse or outside and put in shed at 5 C (41 F) for winter.

    A warm thanks for any suggestions.

    P.S. I would like to get cuttings not established trees. I will post later in order to ask for cuttings providers within 🇨🇦.

    Marc Lamarre
    Québec, Canada

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    Dear friend, I live near Vancouver BC, Canada, I know how hard to grow really good figs in here, Desert king is god gift for our area, I am more negative to grow breba in Greenhouse, Breba do not like wide range of temperature, They are very easy to drop. Anyway, It is hard to post negative comments here people believe that anything is possible, you should talk to Rudy Jossart at Saint-Jérôme, Quebec, He grows fig trees in 55G barrels and he will have good information for you.
    Here is his fig picture
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    Surrey BC canada


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      I don’t go out of way to grow Brebas but I just posted pictures of Italian 258 Brebas they were so good that I will prune it for Brebas only next year and start a new pot or two for figs, if it works for you Italian 258 is way better then desert king

      Click image for larger version

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      • Harish-C
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        Those are some beautiful I-258 brebas. Have a couple of small I-258 trees but still not mature enough to produce like this. Hopefully next year.

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      You don't say when your season starts but dark skin with dark flesh your looking at Macool, Malta Black, Black Bethlehem Red Lebanese Bekaa Valley and Pastilliere (latest of the bunch but best tasting too) would all work for you. There are many more that are similar to what I mentioned above but the above are my earlier ones. I would also add for sure Florea, Improved Celeste and RDB as your work horses.
      Tony, Toronto Canada USDA was 4B now 5B
      Wishlist: Rigato Del Salento PB,
      San Biago.


      • don_sanders
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        Hmm, Pastiliere is earlier than the Mt Etnas for me. Around Improved Celeste and RDB time frames.

      • tinyfish
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        That is good news, my Pastilliere is young so it will be producing earlier as it matures.

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      A huge thank for of those you replied. Things are getting in place. Marc


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        Marc, je crois que Black Donov serait pour toi parfait - ses fruits sont noirs, la peau est tendre et mince - ils viennent en juin et août. Mon Black Donov n’a jamais réussi à faire des breba mais il tente et peut-être le jour viendra…


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          Ghawdex: Merci pour l'info. J'en prend bonne note. Marc


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            Une autre idée - Dalmatie est très bonne variété très répandue en France et censée comme résiliante contre le froid. Elle a des breba de la meilleure qualité - les fruits sont grands comme un poing, même 200g, mais ils sont verts et leur peau est plus épaisse. La chair est vermeille, fort belle vraiment. Les breba ne sont pas beaucoup pires que le premier moisson (ici à l’Arizonie les breba viennent l’automne). On appelle ce figuier aussi « Vasilika Sika », c’est la même chose. J’aime beaucoup ma Dalmatie, je pourrais te donner des photos bientôt car j’en cueillis maintenant. L’arbre est très beau, les feuilles sont comme des doigts minces et longues, et fort convenant à la culture en pot parce qu’il est naine. Je vois Dalmatie tout le temps à figbid.


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