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  • LSU tiger and red unknown fig

    I am trying to find out what fig is this ? Ross said his best guess is that Adam fig And ktrain on figbid said maybe LSU tiger then I saw Lou’s video today he has a LSU o’rourke looks like my tree and the leaves are typical and the fruit exactly the same!!
    so do you guys think it is an O’rourke??
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    The Red one kind of looks like an LSU Red, the other.... LSU Tiger doesn't really have a long stem on it as far as I know....though I have seen it with a long neck, but the color seems off for a Tiger.

    Hard to tell, what was the flavor?
    Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

    Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


    • Ahmed
      Ahmed commented
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      This fruit is the first fruit from LSU tiger I will compare them later when I get more ripen fruit

    • Ktrain
      Ktrain commented
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      Yea please let us know, I'm curious.

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    Your LSU Tiger leaf is so small, mine is 12”x12”.
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    Growing list: WM#1, Golden Rainbow, LSU Tiger, Hollier, Violet Sepor, White Adriatic, Astoria Green, H.Chicago.


    • Ahmed
      Ahmed commented
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      It was the first leaf at the bottom and first fruit I am sure 100% this is LSU tiger I bought this from trusted seller on figbid but I will compare both later in the season or next year maybe