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  • Please Help. My small figs are very soft

    One of my trees in the pot (6 year old) had some bug problems (scale bugs, white flies...) and I had to foliar sprayed it with hydrogen peroxide, and after a month I foliar sprayed it with vegetable oil hand and baking soda; and a month after that with Neem oil, hand soap and baking soda.
    I also added beneficial nematodes a month ago.

    It seems that it took care of the bugs, but this morning I found 10 figs that were very soft to the touch. They felt like they were sponge.

    I have 8 potted trees which I treated all of them the same, but I only have an issue with 1.
    They all have the same soil and watered the same amount of water. Same treatment and same fertilizer.
    The other 7 pots are thriving.

    Does anyone have any clue what what could be the problem?

    I live in New York Queens zone 6b.

    Thank you.
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    I've had some like this. Has it been raining a ton in July like it has here?
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    I've been battling white fly like crazy this year. Came outta nowhere.
    Tom V
    On the road! USA
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      Drying of single inflorescences is not a problem. In such cases, let the figs plant decide what to do. The problem must be solved when it is possible to lose half of the main crop on a branch.
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