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  • Is Honey Plum a dropper?

    My 2nd year tree set maybe 10 figs, but all but a few have shriveled and dropped. I water it along with all my trees and nothing else is dropping, so I think I can eliminate that. Anyone outside Wasp area ripen them? Hopefully this is something it will grow out of.
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    Mine dropped all the main crop in 2020 as a second year tree. It had a great Breba and I planted it in ground because of the Breba.
    The main crop figs look very normal at this time.
    I will post if they hold later in the year.
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    • T.Frank228
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      So you are saying there is a chance. Thanks

    • Netstars
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      I’m learning right along with you. I sure hope main crops holds!

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    My tree is in its first leaf and has set several main crop. So far, none have dropped. Here's hoping!
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    • T.Frank228
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      Indeed. Can you let me know if you get to taste any?

    • 2AngelsMushrooms
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      I can certainly try to remember! lol If I happen to forget, you can always ask me later...