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  • Very different fig shapes on the same plant

    Is it just me or are these fig(lets) from two different scaffolding branches on the same tree very different looking? Elongated vs "short and round". Both are main crop, though the latter set very early indoors (May) and have been stagnant since.

    The true variety is unknown - it is one of those "trademarked" nursery-bought generics called "All-year Hector" here in Europe. The company behind it describes the variety as "Figs .... are large and elongated, dark red in colour with one side being green. The flesh is red."

    Perhaps this sort of variation is natural, as opposed to some grafting having taken place?

    Click image for larger version

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    im no expert, but i have seen in my fig trees the same phenom with different growing conditions. Just like the node distances, I suspect what ever the initial growth conditions are for a figlet, you cant go back and fix. I have a gino black that I moved july to a better spots. Figlets below are not maturing at all and tiny, but the new ones are "regular" and swelling
    Again I suspect there is an initial set up which correlates to the end mature fig. Better conditions, better size, worst less

    just my observation.
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      I am no expert, I have English brown turkey, For first 4 years, it has all kind of leaves, and all kid of figs, now it settles for long neck figs now, I guess that if growing condition change, Some fig trees with many DNA will monogragh like English brown turkey.
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        Oh man, that is some tree….and the baskets full of gorgeous figs. Congrats on the great harvest 👏
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          Hi Miracle fruit, It is not my tree, It is similar tree near 20 years old in my area, my tree is about 6Ft tall and 5FT wide
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            Well still, it’s beautiful