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  • Paratjal Rimada Main 2021

    First of the season. Well, actually the third but the critters beat me to the first 2.

    This is arguably the most beautiful fig variety even. At the beginning of the season, it’s more yellow and green but later on, it starts to get gorgeous blues and reds as well. It’s stripes are unique and unlike other variegated figs. It’s earlier than many others. The interior is insanely gorgeous and it has amazing flavor. I have 2 of these in the ground and I will have 10 in the ground by the end of the year.

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    Eric - Lebanon, TN Zone 7a

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    That looks great. Do you realy plan for 10 in the ground?
    Chicago Zone 5b


    • MJFIGS
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      These are excellent and reliable varieties, why no Black Madeira type or green figs

    • Halligan-
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      Can’t remember, Is raspberry tart common?

    • Evdurtschi
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      MJFIGS I have lots of in ground trees and most are green figs

      Halligan- I am not sure. A few people have ripened one or two so we thought it was common but it is dropping for a lot of people as well. It might take a few years to know for sure.

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    That’s a keeper for sure👍🏻
    Round Rock, TX 8b
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      Wow. Perfect. Mine are darker exterior, but haven't been anywhere as well ripened interior. Still having trouble gauging when to pick these. But completely agree its one of the best around, beauty and taste. I have VERY limited space and its one of the few I have duplicates of as well!
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        I lost one to a freeze. I was bummed. I had a trade set up and it is taking forever to complete. A very cool fig!!
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          Oh for cripe's sake and here I was thinking I don't need a stripy fig. It looks gorgeous and delectable!
          Zone 10b, Long Beach CA
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            Waiting... Waiting... Waiting
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              You have abandoned your net again! If this continues for years ~ten, then half of Americans will grow figs at home. I have always believed that figs are using people for their own purposes to reformat civilization and capture the phytosphere.
              Андрей. N.-W. Кавказ, пень Абрау, 7б-8а


              • JT1923
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                I'm ok with being used for this purpose

              • acerpictum
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                JT1923 I also

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              Waiting on this one...
              Does it look ready?
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              • Evdurtschi
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                That looks perfect to me! Nice

              • Bellefleurs
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                It still feels a bit firm although we are expecting rain so I will likely just pick this one later today.
                Interesting that this fig was green just two days ago...do they usually ripen this fast? It has been very hot......

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              Figs always look so perfect in California. Here was my first good PR this year:
              Click image for larger version

Name:	E083104F-E14E-430C-9DE0-C6B3D6CD6280.png
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ID:	1026059 😆 It actually looked good on the inside
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              • claret
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                LOL. So is eating while blindfolded becoming a "thing" in VA? That looks absolutely dis-GUST-ing! 😆

              • SubmarinePete
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                claret It was actually pretty good. It looked good on the inside. It was just the rain that did that.

              • claret
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                I hear you, Pete. Looks and taste overlap, but they're definitely not the same. If you hadn't eaten it, I'm sure a 4-legged thief would've done it for you, and not had any qualms at all.