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  • Scammers!! Or no experience??

    Celeste instead kadota and black mission
    i was newbie such a shame on them
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    Sorry to see that Ahmed….TyTy is a well known disreputable nursery. Look up reviews online and the complaints run the gamut of all possible screw ups.
    CJ in Memphis 7b/8a….tight eyes, nonsplitters...Pons figs, French figs, Mario figs & tasty Cali seedlings!


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      I bought a lot trees from them last year and hopefully the rest of the trees true I was hoping Katy apricot set some fruit this year to confirm it but hopefully next year


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        Scammers\idiots\moraless fig turds

        Take your pick.

        Haven't straightened their sht out for years


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          Ah man, sorry that really stinks!
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          Zone 9ã • Southern CA


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            I almost ordered from them too, but I research everything!

            And found a lot of bad reviews like TNjed said....bad news nursery.

            I hope your other trees are true to order.
            Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

            Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


            • Ahmed
              Ahmed commented
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              About 60% from my trees have fruit this year I am making review on my channel in Arabic to encourage more people from Arabic countries to get into this hobby and there is a lot unknown fig trees in their backyards I am trying to reach them out through my channel

            • Ahmed
              Ahmed commented
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              I am adding the fig variety name in English you can look at them and you will know what I have don’t get headache from my Arabic voice though 😁

            • Ktrain
              Ktrain commented
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              I have watched quite a few of your videos....even though I can't understand, still good video.
              If you make some in english I'll check those out too.

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            i bought pakastani mulberry and patricks supergiant fig tree from ty ty. i ended up throwing the mulberry tree away,berries too small to pick and the fig tree is no supergiant figs.
            Independence Louisiana Zone 8B


            • Ahmed
              Ahmed commented
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              I got mystic mulberry from them and this year the tree woke up early and hit very hard by late frost but on June I got some fruits pink and tiny doesn’t have any flavor

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            I bought from them too,raspberries...which were not suitable for my zone at all. And neither is the Bartlett pear and Damson Plum.
            They put the wrong zones ( I didn't knowat that time), my raspberries didn't make it. The pear looks like it's dying from a heat stroke and the plum...well it's living but no plums after nearly 3 years.
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