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  • 511 mix vs pumice aged bark.

    So ive noticed a few of my trees are growing well thanks to miracle grow. But then im looking at my old potting mix which is going to landscaping company and getting a yard of med bark for my mix, and promix and perlite. But ive changed to 1/3 pumice 2/3 three year aged bark fines last year. Here are 2 trees the bigger ones a cutting from the smaller. Smaller yellow tree is a year older maybe 2. Ive heard aged bark fines wont suck up the nitrigen and reduce growth like landscape bark, which ive also heard some of the bark can be treaded to reduce breakdown/microbial action. Any thoughts? Im thinking ill be changing to pumice bark mix because its working for me. There is a local company that makes nursery potting mix custom per order. So its like a kid in a candy store because i can have it mixed and made with anything, perlite,bonemeal,time release fert, phosphate ect ect. I yard of bark fines and 1/3 yard of pumice mixed and put in the bed of my pickup was about 125.00.
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    I bought another yard of pine-fines last week for $49. Now I have too much, so I'll have to pile it somewhere. It will be aged by the time I need it next year.
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      You are SOOO fortunate to have a place near you that can custom mix your soil. I didn't know that was even possible.
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