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  • Productive 1-gallon trees

    Early in the year, I had dozens newly rooted tree to give out to whoever wanted a tree. Finally, now, it's down to 4. I just found homes for them. In spite of setbacks in April because of lack of pots and I mistakenly used hot manure in potting mix, I just notice how productive they are in 1-gallon pots.

    St. Rita
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    Little Miss Figgy

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    Cleveland South - Zone 5B.

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    Nice well done 👍. This is my tallest san donato di niñea fig in 1 gallon with figlets.
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      Jake, did you repot after you noticed the hot manure?
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        Congrats on the excellent growth! That's a lot of healthy tree size from a 1 gallon pot.

        My uhh "friend" would like to know what soil and plant food you give these ;-)
        Conrad, SoCal zone 10
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        • jake44141
          jake44141 commented
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          I would think that any well-drain soil would do. You just need to water them with half-strength fertilizers everyday. And of course, give them as much sun as you can. These 4 trees are actually slowest growing trees of the dozens I had. That's why they get sent away the latest. Early in the season, I was overwhelmed with too many new trees. There were not enough pot and potting soil. So, they were left to die in small cups. But they survive. And other trees got up-potted, I had 1 gallon pots to up-pot them.

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        They look really good! That’s amazing growth for 1 gallons
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          jake44141 , the VDBs you gifted me as cuttings are now almost as tall as I am. They are my healthiest, happiest , thriving trees.
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          • jake44141
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            Glad that it work out for you. I would suspect that many forum member would not like the small cuttings. I sent small cuttings because they were suckers that could easily root. VDB is the most productive trees in my collection. It's sister tree, in its second year, had 169 figs on it as of July 10th when I started to remove new figlets.

          • FloraFig
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            Well, those small cuttings turn out to be the most vigorous growers. They grew in a V shape so I started airlayers to get 1 single stem. Now I have several 5' trees.

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          @GuyA, I had to re-pot them. Because of the hot manure, I lost Campaniere, Hmairi, and Bass' Favorite (BFF). Most newly rooted cuttings survive. Here's the Iranian Candy on life support and took them 5 weeks to recover.

          Click image for larger version

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          Cleveland South - Zone 5B.


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            @cjccmc, here's the St. Rita and RDB cuttings left to die, and everything else were up-potted. But they did not die. The pictures above were the worst shape cuttings. Just give them well-drain soil and lots of water soluble fertilizer.

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            Cleveland South - Zone 5B.