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  • 76 Lime

    Introducing another delicious and beautiful find by Fig Gazer He was able to grab some super late season figs last year and it showed some promise so we grew it out and it is very nice.

    The figs are medium with a soft and sweet skin and a jammy and juicy texture. Nice complex flavor that is sweet and a little tangy. Moderate berry and a little hint of citrus. No, it doesn’t get the name from that. The first ones he picked had an orange lime green interior. :-)

    I have no idea if this is common. It is most likely a seedling but I am not 100% sure about that. It is unique and growing in an area that is definitely atypical for a planted tree
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    Eric - Santa Barbara, CA Zone 10a

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    Very nice looking fig. The interior is does have some unique coloration.
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      Sounds interesting! Another good find Fig Gazer !
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        I was wondering if there were any figs with orange coloring, I never thought it would be on the inside!
        Meys - Round Rock, TX. Zone 8b
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          Neat! Giant pics of fig interiors are so creepy-beautiful. I protect myself by eating them all! Om nom nom nom.
          Zone 10b, Long Beach CA
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            Looks good! Nice find @fig gazer.

            AKA Frankenberry/Scubasamdo
            Arroyo Grande / Central Coast of California, 10a/b, AHS 1


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              That drop of nectar hanging at the eye🤤
              Round Rock, TX 8b
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                Have a feeling that without caprification this would be lime colored ?
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                • Evdurtschi
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                  Probably correct. I posted about it last winter, without the name, and it was lime colored and tasty

                • swethakyadav
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                  was it tangy ?

                • Evdurtschi
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                  I don’t remember

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                That’s a cool looking one. Looks like the skin is kind of rough.
                Z8+ Oregon, willamette valley. WL: More land, cool citrus
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