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  • Zaffiro 2021

    These have been ripening for awhile but they’re hitting their stride now. I picked around 10, just like this one.

    This is my favorite sugar fig. Extremely sweet and dense but complex flavors, for a sugar type fig. It has hints of maple to round it out and keep it interesting. You need this one.
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    Eric - Lebanon, TN Zone 7a

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    Wow looks really good. Im not a huge honey type fan but I will sure add this one one day.

    This is a common fig right?
    Chicago Zone 5b


    • Evdurtschi
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      Yes, this is a common fig. I am not a huge honey fig fan either but this one is worth growing. It is one of VERY few honey figs that I have kept

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    I agree!


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      Yes, I do need it! That’s why I somehow ended up with 3 when rooting it. 😂

      Sounds delicious and I love the pics! Super excited to try this one some year soon!
      𓂃𓂃☽︎​ᨏ𓂃High Desert Foothills𓂃ᨏ☼​𓂃𓂃
      Zone 9ã • Southern CA


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        This variety is also performing well for me in VA. Early and really sweet sugar taste.
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        Sacramento, CA - zone 9b


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          Looks awesome! Mines in its first season of fruit set with main scaffolds growing this year. Looking forward to trying it, it’s been keeping pace with the etnas here.
          Mike, MA Zone 6a
          wishlist: Angelito!
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            Great color combo.
            Is this your favorite sugar fig?
            Round Rock, TX 8b
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            • Evdurtschi
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              Yes. So far.

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            Beautiful and paradoxical. The color of the pulp almost exactly reproduces the pulp of pineapple guava.
            Андрей. N.-W. Кавказ, пень Абрау, 7б-8а


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              This is Nikky's Zaffiro, not one of the Lorusso Zaffiros, correct?
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              • Evdurtschi
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                SubmarinePete Lorusso has a whole series of Zaffiro figs but most, if not all, seem to be smyrna. The 3 that I have ripened were all basically the same and were strong berry. Totally different

              • SubmarinePete
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                Evdurtschi Ah, thanks for the education!

              • claret
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                Please tell: who is Nikky?

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              Looks Great. Mine is to young to fruit. Going to put it in the ground at season's end and hope my results are as yummy as yours next year.
              Ed- Southern Utah 8b - Wish List: Anything that is very tasty, that is common and I don't have.


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                How does this compare to Dolce Calderai ? None of my Zaffiro's rooted but I did get a DC to grow. I just need to figure out if I still need a Zaffiro.
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                • Evdurtschi
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                  cvarcher Blue Celeste has a red pulp

                • RosyPosy
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                  Hope to hear a comparison too. I was the opposite, I got Zaffiro to root but not Dolce Calderai.

                • Evdurtschi
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                  RosyPosy I posted a comparison a couple of years ago but I got rid of the Lorusso Zaffiros. Lorusso's are berry

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                Is this is a totally different fig than F. Lorusso’s numbered Zaffiros?
                Hilliard Lawler, DVM, Indianola, Mississippi Zone 8A
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                • Evdurtschi
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                  Yes. Totally different and far better AND common. :-)

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                Looks like a Long Yellow but in black skin !
                What did you use as a paint? Good job , lol

                Congrats, btw!
                USDA z 10a, SoCal. WL: Boysenberry Blush