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  • When to plant in ground??

    Is there a best time to transplant container grown trees to in ground. I'm in zone 9 so I'm not really concerned with harsh winters, and don't want to have to deal with the more frequent watering that comes with container plants.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    As long as you are not expecting fruit, Do it now if you want.
    It will probably focus energies on establishing it's roots before doing anything above ground.

    How cold are your low temps in the winter?
    Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

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      29 is generally as low as it gets,

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    In your location almost any time of year would be ok.
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      I don’t really know anything about zone 9 planting but you may have to keep watering daily for quite a while depending on the plants your planting and your area.

      When I planted some leafed out 5 gallons here, I had to keep watering them daily until they established themselves. Now they are even bigger and I don’t water them all.

      I believe spring after last frost is ideal for colder locations while spring or fall are probably best for warm locations.
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        I do not know what kind of soil that you have and you need to water newly planted trees daily. I planted two out yesterday in ground. I did not water today since I saw the soil is still wet.

        At this time of year, I'd be careful about planting 1-gallon young trees. Only if they are very robust or I can afford to lose them over winter. It takes quite a while for the young plants to set roots. I have no problem to plant 2-gallon plants right now. They can better survive our cold winter.
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          I plant my fig trees in ground after it cools off a little in October......this enables the roots to continue to grow and in spring they will take off like a rocket and not be in transplant shock.I'm in zone 9A
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            For your climate, since cold is not a great concern, I would plant in early fall (after the worst of summer's heat has passed in your area). This will give the roots the longest time period to get established before the stress of summer returns. But if some weird polar vortex thing happens (and who even knows anymore!), be mindful that you will need to take measures to protect them.
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              if we EVER get sub 20 degree weather again, I'm moving to panama, screw that stuff...

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              I never thought it would do that at the TX-Mexico border, but nowadays.... who even knows anymore. Ha!

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              I lost so many trees, it ravaged my citrus.