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  • Prepare for winter

    I just started fig life few month ago.

    I live in Lancaster, CA zone 8b

    I wonder do I need to do something for winter?

    They are all in raised garden bed against wall.

    I don't want kill any of them.

    This is list that I have.

    1. Black Mission

    2. Brown Turkey

    3. Turkish

    4. Figo Preto

    5. Black Ischia

    6. Maltese Beauty

    7. Ronde de Bordeaux

    8. Bourjasotte Grise

    9. Panache/Tiger

    10. Yellow long neck

    11. Violette de Bordeaux

    Thank you in advance.

    Lancaster, CA - Zone 8b

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    I'm finding that your record low is 18f. Dec and Jan are your worst. I wouldn't feel comfortable exposing my young trees to that even though I have for several hours with no I'll effects. I would probably cover them for those 2 months or read what others do in lower zones.


    • nesou
      nesou commented
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      Thank you for your advice.
      I will check more

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    I’m near your area and I have family in Lancaster! Our weather rarely gets down to that low. I would just keep an eye on the weather and if you see a possibility of going into the 20s or lower maybe wrap the trees with a towel or old blanket. Fig trees are supposed to do just fine unprotected in zones 8-10, and are supposed to tolerate temps as low as 10-15* once dormant. Occasional exposures are probably okay, but if low temps are going to last like for days or weeks, you might want to protect them. And really, it’s just the night time lows that need to be watched.

    I don’t protect my fig trees, but I am a 1/2 zone warmer than you.
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    Zone 9Γ£ β€’ Southern CA


    • nesou
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      I will keep eyes on weather.

      Thinking about use pool noodle for night time at winter.

      Good to know some one around me who has same hobbies.

      Thank you 😊

    • RosyPosy
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      nesou I used pipe insulators, which are very similar to pool noodles, around my young citrus and avocado last winter, and they worked great! Sounds like a plan 😊

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    Figs grow unprotected in bishop calif ,which is coolder than lancaster ,hot but not as hot as lancaster and both places are windy as hell some times .THINK ONCE YOUR TREES ARE ESTABLISHED THEY WILL DO OK . AS OTHERS HAVE SAID A LITTLE WINTER PROTECTION CANT HURT .
    Zone 10a So. Calif. W.L. Super tasty new finds !


    • nesou
      nesou commented
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      I totally agree with you. I will try put some protection.
      I was wondering which tree should I careful more.
      Some might be Hardie some might not.

      THANK YOU 😊

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    nesou I am curious as to how much space you have in the raised garden bed for 11 fig trees. My in ground tree is 8 feet wide but I do let it grow that way. Or do you plan to keep them pruned down to a smaller size.
    NNJ 6B
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    • nesou
      nesou commented
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      Originally willing to grow 1 or 2 and make big tree but changed my mind to taste more different verity figs.

      I will keep pruned down to smaller size.

      Try to make T shape like farm

      They are about 6ft away from each other.
      I made raised garden bed against wall.
      Total length is about 100ft.

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    My raised garden bed
    You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 2 photos.
    Lancaster, CA - Zone 8b