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  • Pinching, cutting and regrowth

    In an attempt to get some ripe fruit in time for a recent fig meet-up event, I attempted to pinch my tree. I actually cut the top 1/2” of about 6 stalks - the only ones showing continued growth. Fast forward 2+ weeks, the tree ripened fruit (and it was GOOD), and now the tree has decided to continue growing on at least half of the pinched/cut shoots.

    Does cutting a shoot cause a different reaction than pinching? Is regrowth common after pinching or cutting?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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    This is the reason a lot people do not want to pinch fig branches. I've seen it both ways, well behaved and behaved like yours. You'll just have to keep pinching those new buds and train the new growth to the form you like.
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      Whether you cut the 1/2” off or use your fingers to break it off, it’s still considered pinching. So no difference. And yes, regrowth is assumed. You can run out any new stems that you don’t want. If you rub out all but the last bud, it will eventually be like you never pinched.

      Pinching stops the current growth of a stem/branch for about 2 weeks and promotes branching (normally clustered in the last 2-4 nodes at the tip of the branch), lignification (browning/hardening of a stem/branch), thickening of the stem/branch, and helps promote fruit development (not guaranteed but can help encourage...some disagree and think it has no impact). I believe that it can also help promote root development on air layers and keeps them from growing too much for 2 weeks while the roots start.

      I don’t recall anyone else mentioning that it might speed ripening if existing fruit.
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        once again. Figs are forgiving my friend, do what you want. pinch, punch, pick, pluck, prune (thinking of more similar words),. They will survive.
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