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  • Black Madeira Main 2021

    My #1 fig, nothing is better than a Black Madeira when ripen in mid summer. Thats my honest opinion.

    I normally would not let it hang for that long, it was great but I will pick these a few days earlier next time, I was out of town and no one from my family noticed them πŸ˜†

    4 years old tree, started in the greenhouse first week of February, so it was 6 months from breaking dormancy to ripe fruit.

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    Chicago Zone 5b

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    This is how I prefer it. This is from earlier today from Bass's tree when I was in PA
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    Chicago Zone 5b


    • American Infigdel
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      I found a hidden BM that was in an organiza bag that had fallen off the tree. It was the ripest one yet and the best fig yet. Impossible to beat!

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    That looks yummy. I agreed with you, BM should be the main staple for growers. I am going to put another one in ground next year
    Los Angeles CA zone 10B
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      I agree100%! I am planning on build small hoop house only for BMKK! My family just love it so much! I have been using cover on top of the pot to block rains and it works but sometimes I forget to cover it.


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        Looks great, congrats!

        Sadly for me 26 weeks from "Move Out" to "Ripe Fruit" puts me at mid-October for fist ripe with a jump start in the unheated hoop house in April. And as I learned for myself last season, figs ripened in October are okay, but not as good as those ripened in August-September. I do have a Figo Preto that I'm hoping will give me some fruit each year, but it'll be the only BM type in my collection for the foreseeable future.
        β€œThe best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Source Unknown MA 5b/6a
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        • great08
          great08 commented
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          I actually just bought a Figo Preto myself. I very much look forward to trying my first one... and the better ones that come after that!

          It seems to me, for gardening, my zone 8A in coastal Virginia, may just be the sweet spot for many things like figs and even oranges if I play my cards right.

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        These BM's are from the same tree above.

        so far Im getting a few fruits every day this month, I will be duplicating more of it and replacing some of my other not as good varieties.
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        Chicago Zone 5b


        • Anaba1030
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          I'm amazed that your getting these to ripen so early in ChicagoπŸ‘πŸ». The greenhouse is really paying off. My WM#1 is probably 2 weeks away from ripening its first fig.

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        grreat looking stuff
        bergen county NJ 6b
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          What was the hang time on this ? They look great by the way
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          • MJFIGS
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            Hang time is 3 to 4 days for me in a greenhouse. These were left for 6 days.

          • swethakyadav
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            wow.. thats awesome... 3-4 day hang time.. My BM started swelling yesterday, lets see how long it takes

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          This is from a 1 year old tree in a 5 gallon.
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          La Sierra-Riverside, California 9b
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          • MJFIGS
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            Looks great, and from a 1 year old tree. It will get even better from now on

          • ChiledeGarcia
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            Just over 1 year. I plan on transplanting it into a 15 gallon soon. I have a handful more to taste from it. Also from my BMKK that should be ripening soon.

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          Black Madeira is still my #1, closer to perfect than any other fig I've tasted, delicious!

          Click image for larger version

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          Conrad, SoCal zone 10
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