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  • Augusta Purple

    I’m very excited to introduce this variety. It was shared with me by a good friend on the east coast but it originates from Australia!! Very cool.

    I have been eagerly anticipating this for almost 2 years and finally ripened my first fig. I will say, I was a bit disappointed at its outward appearance as it was a brownish purple and I wasn’t sure it had properly ripened but, WOW, was I in for a treat when I opened it up.

    Absolutely stunning interior. Complex sweet berry flavor with some watermelon flavor and a hint of apricot. It was super juicy and full of honey and had the most seed crunch of any fig I have ever eaten!

    What a beautiful fig. The mother tree produces mostly 3 lobe but mine has mostly spade and they are distinctive leaves with a soft fluffy feel, similar to Unk Pastiliere.

    Here is the write up from the originator:

    The mother tree is located on a vacant block opposite our grandparent’s house in Augusta, Western Australia. It has been growing there for at least 80 years and has been a family favourite for eating fresh, but also for making conserves as the rich purple colour staining in fruit yields beautiful looking jam. I’m unsure whether it’s a previously described variety, or new variety from seedling. Notwithstanding this, given the seemingly random location on the block of land and unique morphology not seen in any historical literature, I would assume it’s a new variety.

    The mother tree is about 6 to 7 metres high, and about 8 to 10 metres wide with multiple branching centre trunks and draping peripheral branches. No signs of suckering on the mother tree. The mother tree and my cuttings show no signs of FMV. Common fig.

    Highly vigorous root development and vegetative growth. The cutting that I struck last year grew roots very quickly and the young trees growth was extremely quick. Depending on cold tolerance (unknown), a good candidate for disease free, highly vigorous rootstock.

    Leaf shape
    ~70% trilobed with very shallow lobes and serrate leaf margins, trending to ~30% single lobed spade like leafs with serrate margins. In moderate to low light, the variety will produce huge size leaves.

    Breba Crop
    Very light crop. Large sized fruit with cavity and very pronounced wine-coloured staining around the outer wall of the syconium. Fruit quality and ripening time currently unknown as the fruit was picked early – likely fair quality only based on limited sampling.

    Main Crop
    Very heavy crop of large to very large fruit (70-115+ grams) ripening February to March in Perth, Western Australia. My first year cutting bore fruit at every node with fruit ranging from 70-115 grams. Fruit appears to be quite rain resistance, and I’m yet to have one split however this can vary a lot depending on the growing conditions.
    • Skin colour – varies depending on sunlight from a yellow/green hue with light purple ribs, to a tan/purple colour with slightly darker purple ribbing.
    • Ostiole – small, only slightly open
    • Cavity – small to moderate depending on watering and nutrients. Often filled with honey.
    • Colour – extremely variable with the outer wall of the syconium ranging from deep purple, to pink and yellow. The flowers/flesh also vary a lot throughout individual fruit between pink, purple, yellow and red.
    • Texture – average thickness skin and softness, not chewy at all. Flesh has a delicate texture with moderate seed crunch.
    • Taste – in between a honey fig and a berry fig with moderate sweetness.
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    Eric - Santa Barbara, CA Zone 10a

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    Wow! This is something unusual, rare or unique. Thanks to your friend for the great description! If this is a new variety, then the name be worth indicate its origin from Australia or Perth (or the Southern Hemisphere?).
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      Looking for De La Gloria.Your best teacher is your last mistake !


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        That’s a type of Ficus Palmata. I have a different one from the Middle East. Same leaves but mine supposed to have a reddish fig. Should fruit next year. Beautiful fig by the way.
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        • goodfriendmike
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          acerpictum I believe it is a true palmata. They come in many different sizes and colors. You also have to take into account the wasp aspect. They do seem to make some figs grow larger.

        • acerpictum
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          goodfriendmike In Australia, there is no wasp in Perth and the old multi-stemmed tree bears more than 100 grams of fruit. This is from the description of the variety.

        • goodfriendmike
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          acerpictum Ficus Palmata is almost as diverse as Ficus Carica. I mentioned the wasp because of Erics area. If you follow other fig sites/pages you will notice that leaf a lot from the Middle East. The figs are very different but the leaf is the same unlike our figs where leaf pattern and fig are different from plant to plant

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        Wow! Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.
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          Berry. Watermelon. Apricot. In one. 🤯

          [cue slow clap here]

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            So we don't have to relocate to get purple figs
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              Really interesting looking/sounding one. Ugh, and I was doing so well not adding any more to the wish list!
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                What's wrong with that exterior? That is a gorgeous fig, inside and out!! Very nice
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                We all bleed fig-honey!


                • Evdurtschi
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                  It just looked more dull colored than I expected. Not ugly but the color was kind of brown.

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                You should have a Fig of the week post 😂. You must have a bunch of different varieties. Can only dream of aquí te this one.

                Texas 9A


                • Evdurtschi
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                  A fig of the week post would mean so many get left out! lol I am only trying to post the most impressive ones now or ones that are new to me or the community. I just have so many new varieties fruiting this year!!

                • Newbie2figs
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                  Wow Eric! I can just imagine your forest in your back yard! You must need a map to get around .LoL or have them alphabetically 😂😂😂🤪. Appreciate all the new finds you post , I might need therapy cause I will probably never acquire them 🤓. It’s like by the end of the week I already forgot what you posted last week cause every fig you post looks so tasty. And so many varieties..

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                Stellar, she’s a knockout!
                Any chance you could bag one? I’d love to see what it would look like without caprification
                Round Rock, TX 8b
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                • Evdurtschi
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                  It is too late in the season for that but I think the guy that gave it to me should ripen some this year as well.

                • Halligan-
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                  Oh that’s true. Looking forward to future updates.
                  The syconium on this fig is amazing.