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  • Genovese Nero AF Main

    What an amazing fig. Medium to large size, beautiful looking, pools honey and a great taste. First season I only had a few mediocre figs (and lost some to rodents), but this second year the tree is pretty loaded with figs (even after a heavy prune over winter). I don't have I258 to compare, but assuming its pretty much the same either are def deserved of all the praise they get.

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    Dude, look at that Honey!!
    Looks great!
    Round Rock, TX 8b
    WL: Delicious figs


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      Magical.....that is art.

      Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

      Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


      • bkkchris
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        Nature is a pretty amazing artist!

      • Ktrain
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      Wow that's just a great example why I'm so fortunate to get into this hobby. Thank you for sharing 😎
      Joe - Rhode Island Zone 7a https://figbid.com/Listing/Browse?Seller=Jostang75


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        Beautiful!!! I missed some cuttings Danny put
        on figbid on a branch that broke from his tree ..and he had free shipping!!! Hit myself on the head 🥴… Man another one I need to acquire.. love the colors on the outside
        Texas 9A


        • jessup42
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          Any cutting from NYC figs grows like mad!

        • Newbie2figs
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          Ya !!! That’s why I am so angry I had it ready to pay and got distracted and then came back to finish it and it was gone , two sets it 2 for $20 each set free shipping 😡 . Happy for the person that got it tjou

        • 599gh888
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          Hit me up this winter. I will have cuttings for you just pay postage

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        looks Beautiful. What did it taste like?? Mine is loaded this year in Long ISland, NY 7a


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          𓂃𓂃☽︎​ᨏ𓂃High Desert Foothills𓂃ᨏ☼​𓂃𓂃
          Zone 9ã • Southern CA


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            Waiting on mine to start ripening!
            You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 1 photos.
            Hilliard Lawler, DVM, Indianola, Mississippi Zone 8A
            My website: https//bloomsonthebayou.com
            wish list: Nerucciolo d'Elba


            • Newbie2figs
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              Nice Hilliard, do you know of the split with to much water ?

            • drbud
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              The couple of GNaf figs I got last year did not split, but the I-258 did. I have about a 100 figs on my I-258 tree this year so hopefully. They won’t ALL split. Hope the same for my BM kk as all split last year but have plenty of fig on the tree this year . Cajun B told me they split less on older mature trees even with bad weather.

            • Newbie2figs
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              Okay, i am planning on have one in a big pot and maybe in the near future do a Airlayer and plant the mother tree in ground, I learn a valuable lesson to always have a back up .