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  • Red Palestine first fig

    This is the first of my red Palestine fig to ripen. I have two plants and this is the smaller of the two. This one was abnormally large compared to the rest. Could have used a couple extra days but the birds and squirrels have been mercilessly. Still was delicious. Fruity and sweet. Really looking for this to produce a large crop. Probably move in ground.
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    San Diego zone 10b/10a

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    Looks delicious.
    Tony; Pickens county, SC zone 7b

    Care for the Earth...there's no place like home


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      Lovely! May I ask your general location? I would like to know more about this fig and where it grows...
      Guildwood Village - Toronto, Canada - Zone 6


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        Hi Joe. I'm in San Diego. But this (and many of the varieties I'm trying) was taken from cuttings from someone in Michigan who brought them from Jordan. I've heard some say this is and khurtmani are the same but I have some khurtmani growing as well and they appear to be developing differently so far.
        San Diego zone 10b/10a