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  • Earliest Main Crop Varieties for 2021

    At this point, I have a pretty good list of fig varieties that have ripened early in the 2021 season. I've mentioned this before, but my ripening dates should be taken with a grain of salt because I used grow lights for some varieties, and a greenhouse for most others. So, its not always an apples to apples comparison for me. Nonetheless, I think there is some value in listing the varieties that are ripening at this point, because its much less than 25% of my total collection. Here are what I think are my early-ish varieties:

    White Triana
    Improved Celeste
    Moscatel Preto
    LSU Tiger
    Algerian Chetoui
    Green Michurinska
    Malta Black
    Black Bethlehem
    Paratjal Rimada
    Black Manzanita
    LSU Purple
    Makedonia Dark
    Faja de Ovelha
    Petite Aubique
    Izbat an Naj

    Also, I did a video review of a handful of these this morning: https://youtu.be/GS4g8G-8ppw

    Does anyone else have any good early varieties ripening this year?

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    Good video, almost couldn't make it through because it was making me hungry. lol

    Thanks for the information on all those varieties.
    Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

    Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


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      Great video. I’m really looking forward to trying verdolino. It’s a neat little fig. How old is your tree?


      • SubmarinePete
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        This is it's first year. I've heard that it is one of those varieties that takes a couple of years to really develop a good flavor.

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      Thanks. That is great information.


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        I notice you don't include Florea. Do you grow it, or is it just not early for you?
        Salvatore - my students call me SC
        Zone 6a, SW Cleveland


        • SubmarinePete
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          I don’t have Florea anymore

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        I’d second Florea, also Ronde de Bordeaux. Iranian Candy and De Tres Esplets.
        Joe, Z6B, RI.


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          I think you have some varieties in there that would be solidly mid season or mid-late for cool / short season growers without a greenhouse or grow room, just for any newer growers on the forum that might be tempted to pick up green michurinska or petite aubique and expect it to be early in the PNW / NE / Canada.
          Eric - Seattle / Sunset Zone 5 - W/L: Granato - Now offering fig-pops, my rooting mix, and gritty potting mix! https://www.figbid.com/Listing/Brows...er=pacnorwreck


          • SubmarinePete
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            These are probably not the earliest varieties out there, but these are the varieties that have ripened for me so far this year out of approx 200 varieties. My greenhouse probably gave me a 1-3 week head start.

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          Did you happen to keep track of which ones you used a greenhouse/grow lights for and which ones you didn't?
          Seattle (zone 8b).


          • SubmarinePete
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            I used a greenhouse for pretty much all of them except Improved Celeste. For the grow light question, I’d have to look up specific varieties—I don’t have a list ready.

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          SubmarinePete when does Paratjal Rimada typically start to ripen for you each year?
          Evan. Wish list - Any Mario variety
          SoCal - Zone 10a & CO zone 5b


          • SubmarinePete
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            I think last year was my first year with PR. I think it was late Sept last year, which was its first year and last year was lousy in general. This year I have several PR trees and I’ve gotten about 5 figs so far. It’s hard to say how much the greenhouse has affected it.

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          I don’t think I saw Pastiliere mentioned above.
          Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Verdolino, Black Celeste


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            Great video. I heard you mention black Greek how does yours compare to other “etna varieties “ ? Mine fruited for the first time this year and the flavor seems better/ sweeter than my other etnas even when not fully ripe. Do you protect yoinked ground trees for winter?
            Eric Los Lunas NM, Zone 7