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  • Red Lebanese Bekaa Valley Main 2021

    What a great variety, delicious and beautiful.

    I picked a few today but forgot to take pictures, I remembered after eating them.

    What's special about it, is that it ripens figs in around 60 days if I remember correctly.

    It broke bud late, and figlets started to show up in June, that was late for some reason, and I consider this late because I had first Black Madeira main fruit few days ago.

    I highly recommend this for short season.

    Taste was good, better than Black Bethlehem, Salem Syrian Dark and MBVS so far.

    I will add fruit pics when I pick more tomorrow or day after.
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    Chicago Zone 5b

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    Awesome, been looking for this. Can you share where you got it? Had a cutting but it didn’t make it 😰
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      Mine was from Plant-creator.

      Look on figbid, or post in trading section, this one is not that hard to find. I might have extra rooted one next season, I root these for mostly friends and family as its a good variety in our climate and most of the time will produce in its first year, so it gets people really excited.

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    Thanks for the bowling pin for size comparison
    Travis - Cincinnati OH. Zone 6


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      Welcome 😁

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    Nice! My second leaf RLBV didn’t grow much this year but a basal sprout grew to the same height as the main stem. Both stems have about 5 figs and I just set an AL on the sprout. Figs should all ripen before the AL is ready 👍🏼.
    CJ in Memphis 7b/8a….tight eyes, nonsplitters...Pons figs, French figs, Mario figs & tasty Cali seedlings!


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      One of the best you can get for the cost.


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        Strange, my RLBV also had a really late start this year. Last year it was early for an Etna, this year took quite a while to set fruit. Now going strong though, and I’m confident I’ll get to eat a fair few.
        Mike, MA Zone 6a
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          I did the same thing as you, MJ. I picked my first two RLBV yesterday and ate them without taking any photos. They were both excellent from this second leaf little tree started from a cutting a year ago. There are 6 more!
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