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  • Need some help knowing if my tree is ok.

    Hi fig nerds,
    I'm a first-time fig tree owner, I got it about 2 months ago and repotted it, and it's outside in my yard, in Massachusetts. I've attached a few photos of leaves that don't look well to me. It's a new thing, in the past week or two this has come up. We've had a lot of rain, maybe too much for some of my plants, potted and -non. Can anyone offer some advise about if there is a problem with the tree and if I can do anything about it? Click image for larger version

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    Make sure the soil isn't staying saturated too long, what do you feed and how much and how often?
    Kind of looks like a nutrient problem.
    Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

    Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


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      It's from all the rain. It's like a rust. My trees had it and starting to work through it. Infected leaves will eventually drop.
      Joe - Rhode Island Zone 7a


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        Thanks Joe, I take it that the tree's life is not in immanent danger in this case? Is there anything I can do to make sure it stays healthy? In response to the other post about the nutrients, I did work some fertilizer into the soil when I first potted it it, two months ago.


        • TahomaGuy2
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          Stay healthy? Place a pan under the pot to catch the nutrient-filled water for a subsequent watering. Next year, when truck is bigger/older paint the trunk 18" up with 50% diluted white latex paint to prevent the bark from splitting on the SW part caused by the sun.

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        Make sure you keep fertilizing your tree as a healthy tree will overcome a virus or disease better. My trees are all doing much better and so will yours.
        Joe - Rhode Island Zone 7a


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          Fertilizer this late may prevent you tree lignifying property entering winter, check with other growers in your plant zone. Google “fertilizing fig tree programs” several members here have excellent programs on you tube!
          Millersville Maryland
          zone 7b


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            Yellow veins with the outside parts of the leaf also turning yellow looks like a Nitrogen deficiency.
            Garden State 7a


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              My guess is that what fertilizer you did add was likely washed out by all the rain we had. Mid August is when I do my last feeding with a water soluble balanced fertilizer. I don't think I'd add any more slow release at this point in the season.

              My last full application will be next week. You might try a half dose this week and a half dose next week with Miracle Grow All Purpose plant food, or something similar.

              And now that it's gotten hotter, you may need to up the watering. As long as your mix drains well, it's not unusual to have to water (just until run off) twice a day.
              “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
              – Source Unknown
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              • figgypiggy
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                Thanks for the tips all, I picked up some Neptune or something or other today, stinky stuff! So many of my plants are tinted yellow, it's likely that the rain has washed out all the nutrients like you say ginamcd.

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              Figgy, might want to ensure your pot can drain. That is, even if you're using a great mix, if the excess water can't get out the bottom of the pot, the plant can drown. Had this very problem this year. My plants, all in pots, are on an auto watering system. This year, the drain holes in one of my pots got plugged. When I noticed water sitting on top of the soil I knew I had a problem. Had to lift it on sticks to drain until I could remedy the situation. Good luck.

              John, Z6a, Western CT. Just to have some fun growing stuff and maybe enjoy a few figs along the way.